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15 Hacks for Women with Curly Hair

Hair may be either straight or curly. It’s rather difficult to deal with curly tresses and make them become frizz-free. It requires a bit effort to detangle curly locks and prevent split ends. If you are born with curls, have a look at these 15 hacks, created for women with curly locks.

1.  If you want to detangle your curly hair, you should carry it out with your fingers or reach for a comb, having wide teeth. Skip using a brush if you desire to stay away from split ends. This hack will also aid you keep the curls in shape.

Hacks for Women with Curly Hair

2.  When you aim to brush your tresses, opt for the upward direction and brush from ends to roots, thus detangling the knots, first.  

3.  Use a deep conditioner for your tresses and wear a shower cap before having a bathe. Don’t forget about the right consequence of washing. First clean your body and then pass to your tresses. The steam will provide your curly hair with moisture.

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4.  In case your hair is too dry, avoid washing it with shampoo and stick to conditioner in order to fight against fluffy tresses. There is no need of applying shampoo, in case your curly hair is deprived of oil.

5.  Don’t wait until your curly hair becomes completely dry in order to comb it. Instead, reach for conditioner and comb your tresses when washing. Otherwise, you will face frizz and will get isolated curls.  

6.  Make sure there is some conditioner in your tresses after the washing process, as the ends of your curly hair are usually deprived of moisture and the conditioner comes to provide it.

7.  To fight against tangling of curly tresses and tame frizz, you should dry your hair, using a T-shirt. Forget about towels, as they take all the moisture from your curly locks. While the T-shirt leaves some water in your hair and makes the curls look even.

8.  If you want your curly tresses become dry, bring them up at the crown of your head, creating a loose updo hairstyle. This amazing hack will combat frizz and help the curls get a perfect shape.

9.  Combine leave-in conditioner and gel to get a fabulous moisturizer for your curly tresses. Apply the product in your wet locks and let them air dry.

10.  Deep conditioner is a great treatment for hair. To achieve it, reach for coconut oil and use it before taking a shower. In case of dry and curly tresses, you may cover the hair ends with coconut oil and get extra shine.  

11.  Style your curly tresses with mousse or reach for a styling cream. Apply these products on your hair and then opt for oil, as it won’t tame bouncy curls.

12.  To bring your curls to life, you may go for another stunning hack for women with curly hair. Mix water and leave-in conditioner, apply it on your hair ends and go for scrunching. You may experiment with this method if you don’t want to rinse your hair each day.

13.  Use deep conditioner for your tresses and then create a ponytail hairstyle to get ready for your workout. After performing the exercises, you may wash the conditioner.

14.  You aren’t recommended sleeping on a pillowcase made of satin as well as silk. Women with curly tresses should opt for a cotton version to fight against tangles.

15.  To keep your blowout long, divide your tresses into pieces and go for twists before you go to bed. In this way, you will achieve pretty waves.  

The right way of brushing, the application of right products and the use of right comb types are among the best hacks for women with curly hair, worth taking into consideration.

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