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Tips for Straightening Hair Safely

Straight hairstyles are among the hottest trends, rocked by the models and the celebrities. However, curly-tressed women find it rather difficult to make their hair super sleek. You may face numerous problems after straightening your hair; split ends become visible, your hair becomes frizzy and you may face reappearance of waves. Definitely it’s not the result you would like to achieve. Thus, you had better opt for other products and use efficient technique, which will prevent you from burning your tresses when straightening them. If you want to get fantastic results, have a look at these tips for straightening hair safely.

Tips for Straightening Hair Safely

1. Make Your Hair Smooth

The most essential tip to go for when straightening your hair is to create a perfect base. Provide your hair with nourishment by experimenting with a treatment of deep conditioning, which should be carried out once weekly. This step will make your hair smoother and easier for realizing other activities.




2. Right Technique of Hair Washing

Apply moisture-enhancing shampoo to rinse your tresses and then reach for the leave-in conditioner. To smooth your hair, apply straightening product on all your hair and make sure you don’t go for over application, otherwise, you will end up with oily hair roots.

3. Blowdry in Sections

You are not recommended blow-drying all your tresses together. Divide your wet hair into parts and take all the your up, only leaving a slim piece out at the bottom. Then go for blowdrying an d keep the tool a bit away from your locks.

4. Keep the Round Brush at Hand

To straighten your hair safely, consider another great tip and use your round-formed brush when blow drying, taking the downwards direction. Go for this technique when working with all your hair pieces until you make sure they are totally dry. Stay away from a flat iron, as it is not great in case your hair is still wet, as the high temperature will affect the health of your hair.

5. Protect Your Hair

Before making your hair straight, you should apply special product for hair protection, focusing on your hair ends. You may also apply texture –enhancing product on your hair roots, as well and then reach for the flat iron.

6. Opt for the Proper Flat Iron

The state of your hair greatly depends on the type of the flat iron you apply. To straighten your hair safely, you should opt for a flat iron, which is made of tourmaline ceramic, as it will make your hair smooth due to its anti-frizz features. Right flat irons fight against static and provide glow to your tresses.

7. Go for Hair Straightening

Divide your tresses into parts and leave a hair piece out at the back, taking the rest up with clips. Grasp the flat iron and make it go downwards your strand. Take into account the thickness of your hair and repeat the same process for several times in order to make it completely straight. Do the same thing with the rest of your locks.

8. Add Glow to Your Tresses

After you have safely straightened your hair, it’s time to add the desired glow. Reach for shine serum and apply it on your hair ends, skipping the roots. Due to the heavy formula of the serum, it’s great for thick-textured tresses.

9. Elongate the Time of Having Straight hair

To be able to enjoy the longevity of your straight hair, you should opt for dry shampoo and apply it on your hair roots.This product soaks the extra oil from your scalp and removes powdery marks, as well.
All of you may safely embrace the trend of straight hairstyles without causing damage to if you only rely on these crucial tips for straightening hair.

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