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How to Style a Messy Bun With Your Long Hair

Messy buns and long hair seem to be incomparable understandings. Well, that’s simply because when dealing with really long hair creating effortless, messy buns seems to be one of the hardest things to do. However there are certain styling tricks that seem to work great when it comes to creating messy buns with long hair. To find out read on!

How to Style a Messy Bun With Your Long Hair

Note that It’s Better to Work on Wet Hair

One of the most common mistakes that girls tend to make is styling dry and perfectly clean hair. Messier buns work best when hair is oily. So you can either wait and wear the look with second-day hair or style it after-wash when it’s still damp.




Keep in Mind that You Need to Work on the Texture

You have to prep your hair ahead in order to achieve the desired look. Straight and sleek hair will easily slip out of the bun this way ruining your hairstyle. So the best you can do is prepping your strands using dry shampoo or texturizing hair products. We leave it to your preferences.

Wear a Topknot

Topknots are easier to style. So instead of a bun you can go for a cute topknot. To create the look you just need to gather your hair up into a ponytail twist the ends and clip. Additionally you can leave some face-framing strands out to add some movement. Also you can finish off with a bit of hairspray in order to have guaranteed long-lasting effects.

Go for a Single Hair Tie

Ok this is the styling secret lying behind the perfect messy bun. So according to stylists to create a messy bun you have to pull your hair through the hair tie once. The next move must be done to create the bun and not to tighten the ponytail. For better effects, you can pull your hair once you’ve created a ponytail in order to get the messy look.

Make it Look Messy

You don’t want your messy bun to look well-polished and super smooth neither you want to have those little bumps that usually distract attention. The best you can do in such cases is pulling up some strands in order to get an uneven surface on the top part. As for the bottom part you can just release some strands to get rid of those annoying bumps and get a messier look.

Create a Messy Bun at the Nape of your Neck

Don’t like the idea of wearing a topknot? Well here’s something else that you can try out! Gather your air into a ponytail at the nape of your neck, twist the ends and secure with as many bobby pins as needed and enjoy the look!

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