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How to Remove Any Type of Nail Polish

Facial massages, a perfect blowout as well as applying nail polish are among the calming sessions each woman may opt for. After applying nail polish in two coats, your nails will look healthy and beautiful. In case a pro carries out a perfect polish without causing damage to your nails, the feeling of satisfaction and relaxation increases. However, we should admit that the removing process of the polish isn’t pleasant. Getting rid of the glitter from the cuticles of your nails is rather painful. Fortunately, there are several recommendations on how to remove any type of nail polish.

How to Remove Any Type of Nail Polish

1.  Go for Nail Soaking

Removing nail polish is one of the undesirable processes, which will make you stay away from applying manicure. However, you can’t avoid using glittery mani, as it has many advantages and one of them is its long-lasting quality. It also makes your nails firm and prevents chipping. Thus to remove them easily, you had better put your nails into a remover instead of roughly moving the cotton ball over them. To carry it out, drench the cotton into the remover and then apply on your nail. In this way, the acetone will give a lift to your shimmery polish and make it easy for removing. Don’t forget that acetone has drying and nail weakening features, so you are advised to apply cuticle oil with a conditioning property or reach for a strength-enhancing base coat.

2.  Apply Q-Tip

If you aren’t too skilled to apply nail polish like a specialist, there may appear lacquer on the nail cuticle as well as along the crease. It’s rather difficult to remove the dark-toned nail polishes from the crease and the Q-tip may help you greatly if you only steep it into the remover. It doesn’t cause irritation to the cuticles and may reach all the crevices.    

3.  Go for Nail Buffing

To remove the residue from the shimmery mani, you had better opt for a buffer. After getting rid of the mani, carry out nail buffing to make the nail surface smoother and to prepare it for another polish.  

4.  Go for Nail Cutting

Though cutting your nails isn’t the best solution to remove your nail polish, it’s worth trying if there is residue on your nails. Rinse your hands, take away the nail polish and cut your nail tips.   This trick will help you get rid of the damaged tips, as well.

How to Remove Any Type of Nail Polish

5.  Exeriment with Nail Stickers

Not to have difficulties in removing the nail polish, you may opt for nail stickers. It’s a great idea if you are fond of various nail art designs. Nail stickers will help you stay away from creating complicated designs and spending much money on appointments. It’s rather easy to wear nail stickers, as well as to remove them.   

6.  Go to a Salon to Remove Gel Mani

Gel is one of the nail polish types you may remove at home. However, you had better ask a professional for help as they use right products and have all the necessary tools at hand. They won’t cause irritation and any other risk to your nails.   

Thus, follow these effective and easy tips and they will help you remove any type of nail polish without any pain and harm.


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