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What’s Your Favorite Nail Shape?

Manicure nails are a must for fashion-loving women, but keeping up with trends is only part of nail fashion. In addition to seasonal colors, designs, and embellishments, most of us have a favorite shape to our nails. There are four popular shapes to file and manicure nails: round, squared, oval, and squoval (square oval).

The rounded nail shaped creates a perfect curve following the natural shape of your fingertip. Women who prefer to keep their fingernails short generally pick rounded as their favorite nail shape. The nails are usually flesh with the fingertip or may even shorter. However, the rounded shape offers a very clean appearance to a manicure.

Squared shape finger nails in another of the most popular styles to file fingernails. The squared nails are a more modern take on a manicure and give your manicure a little more “edge” (pun intended). A lot of women who prefer the perfectly squared shape nails may also prefer acrylic or gel nails. This style is very popular for those who like the nail tips.

Oval nails are taking us a step back in time. Actually more like a leap because the oval shape goes all the way back to the 80s and it’s still hanging around these days. The oval is a more classic shape for a manicure with a more feminine appeal, and the extended shape can also elongate hands giving them a delicate appearance.

The squoval (personal favorite) is a combination of the squared and oval shape. Therefore it is also a combination of a modern trend in conjunction with the timeless classic look of oval as well.  You get the modern edge with a little femininity as well.

So there are the four most popular nail shapes today, and you likely haven’t thought about it before, but most women do have a favorite shape that they stick to. Are you a casual round shape, an edgy square, a feminine oval, or classic squoval?

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