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What Causes Acne in Certain Areas?

A healthy and flawless skin is one of the most important factors of having a stunning look. The zits, spotted on your facial skin, talk much about your health condition and skin care routine. Why does acne appear in certain areas? What shall we do to restore the spotless condition of our skin? These are the major questions, many girls are asking. To know how to prevent acne appearance in certain areas, it’s obligatory to gain necessary information about the factors, generating such unpleasant skin problems.

Acne appears on different sections of the body: one may have it on her nose, forehead and cheeks, others – on delicate areas, like the back, neck and other spots. The main factors, generating acne are weather conditions, an unhealthy diet, hormonal causes and other health issues. If you want to find out the reason of your acne problem and put an end to it, follow the information below.
Back acne is generated by the high amount of oily sebum of your skin and sweat. The excessive natural oils get trapped in your pores contributing to the formation of pimples. Tight clothes can also become a reason of acne appearance, which irritates and damages your skin, not allowing it to breathe.
Maybe the worst case of acne is when it appears on your facial skin. Forehead acne is far eye-popping and quite painful. The reasons of zits appearance on your forehead can be different chemical ingredients in your shampoo and conditioner, as well as wearing hats and other headwear accessories, and even various hairstyles. Those, who like sporting bangs, are keener of having forehead acne. Locks also contribute to pimples, as they can hurt your skin and sometimes even cause grease, which penetrate into your skin causing skin problems.

The worst enemy of your chin skin is your dirty hands. Surely we are prone to touch our face more frequently, than it’s necessary. To avoid having acne on your chin, it’s advised to keep your hands away from your face. Another factor of generating chin acne can be using inappropriate skin care products, such as moisturizers. After applying a skin care product, be careful to see if it irritates your skin or not. In the case of irritation, avoid using it and switch to another one.
Nose acne is far the most painful and uncomfortable one. The main reason of nose acne can be health problems, like a great amount of natural sebum. In this case just take care about your diet and use certain antisebum products.
Cheeks are one of the most delicate parts of our face, which are very keen to pimples. To avoid cheek acne, it’s advised not to touch your face with hands and use certain soothing remedies.
In general in case of having acne on different parts of your skin, it’s preferable to see a dermatologist and find out the real reason, after which you’ll be able to start a war against it and win.

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