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How to Wear Camouflage Prints

Camouflage prints have intruded in the fashion world and have become one of the most wearable trends. If you are for the feminine style or you like the masculine-inspired outfits, camouflage is the best choice. Discover how to wear camouflage prints with these efficient rules, which will aid you make this amazing trend become your style.

How to Wear Camouflage Prints

Wear a Single Camouflage Printed Piece

You will look like a soldier, if you wear a camouflage printed outfit from your head to toe. To be in the latest trend, it’s sufficient to wear a single piece with a camouflage print. You may opt for jeans or a experiment with a pretty dress. The jacket with a camouflage print is a great idea, as well. You may also embellish your look with camouflage printed accessories. Your camouflage may be chosen in various hues.

How to Wear Camouflage Prints

Reveal Your Skin

If you are interested how to wear camouflage prints in order not to get a masculine look, the best solution is to reveal your skin. For hot summer days, you may open your arm as well as legs. Revealing your midriff is another fabulous way to style this gorgeous trend.

Opt for Structured Items

If your camouflage printed outfits are shapeless, you will fail looking polished. Stay away from oversized pants and boxy type of jackets. Instead, opt for structured items and make them fit you properly.

How to Wear Camouflage Prints

Match it with Fashionable Items

Wearing your camouflage printed outfit with another fashionable piece is a great idea for a fabulous look. Don’t hesitate to match your camouflage printed jeans, as well as tops with fashionable pieces.

How to Wear Camouflage Prints

Play with Colors

To get a cute camouflage appearance, you may easily wear it with nude-toned items. Monochrome colors are also a fabulous choice. Your look will be refreshed, if you play with colors, wearing chic accessories in lovely shades.

Be Attentive While Matching it with Other Patterns

It’s a bit risky to team your camouflage print with other patterns. Striped camouflage is already loud, but you may team it a soft flower printed piece. Skip trying animal printed outfits while wearing camouflage prints.

How to Wear Camouflage Prints

Try Womanish Accessories

To create a balance between two sexes, you should consider the great role of accessories when wearing camouflage prints. Opt for heels for a feminine touch or pull off womanlike sneakers. Go for jewelry in order not to look too boyish.

Enlarge Your Choice of Camouflage Printed Outfits

Besides wearing jeans and shirts, together with jackets in camouflage prints, enlarge your choice. Feel cool in summer, wearing a camouflage printed dress. Your feminine look will be accentuated with a mini skirt, as well. Moreover, camouflage printed pumps may enhance your trendy look.

How to Wear Camouflage Prints

Go for Unusual Hues For Great Evenings

If you are seeking for the best way of wearing camouflage prints for a great night, you should stay away from khaki and opt for lovely shade combos, containing nude and bright tones. The pink shade mat also be among your chosen colors.

Opt for Muted Shades While Going to the Office

If you are interested how to wear camouflage prints while going to the office, you should opt for muted shades. Skip pulling off bright tones.

Learning how to wear camouflage prints with the help of these tips, you will be able to refresh your wardrobe, looking super chic and cute.

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