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Vintage Shopping Mistakes to Stay Away From

Vintage shopping is more demanding than just attending the mall. However, the efforts aren’t in vain, if you are seeking for a statement look. Without depending on the place of your shopping, it’s crucial to skip several mistakes that are usually ignored by the vintage shoppers.

Find out the vintage shopping mistakes and stay away from them, being assured that your expenses are spent on high-quality pieces, which you will sport numerous times.

Vintage Shopping Mistakes to Stay Away From

1.  Don’t Rely on the Label Size

It is funny buying vintage outfits even in case you get numerous pieces that go perfectly with your personal style. Sizes are different depending on the brand and relying on the label size is one of the vintage shopping mistakes you should stay away. Instead, pay much attention to the existing measurements. Choose the right size and never opt for a size smaller.

2.  Not Paying Attention to the Seams

Not considering the seams is another vintage shopping mistake when attending the store. Online shopping may be a bit more risky in this sense. If your vintage item has changed, it will be rather difficult to bring it to its former state. Never miss your chance of inspecting the seams.

3.  Not Paying Attention to Worn Out Fabrics

Leather as well as elastin may become worn out quicker and their replacement is quite difficult. Check the clothes very attentively before buying or get information about the lather panels and waistbands structure.

4.  Skipping Discoloration

If you have an opportunity, inspect fabrics, using the natural light. Skipping discoloration, you will make one of the essential vintage shopping mistakes. Pay attention to the shoulder part and find out whether it’s fading or not.

5.  Not Paying Attention to Proper Care

If you aren’t prone to taking a special care for your vintage outfits, such as dry cleaning, just have a look at the label and make sure they may be thrown in the washing machine. Even in case of being too solid to be put into the washing machine, hand washing may also be fabulous.

6.  Not Investing Zippers or Clasps

Being assured that everything is in a perfect state is crucial. In case of ignoring the claps as well as zippers, you won’t be able to stay away from another vintage shopping mistake. Surely, you may replace them but take into account the money and time you spend.

7.  Not Checking the Stains

When inspecting the discoloration, it’s crucial to be assured that there exist no stains on the vintage item. Generally, you may notice sweat stains. Though you may get rid of the unpleasant odor of the vintage outfit, you can’t do the same with the armpit stains.

8.  Not Considering the Details

Though online purchase is more recommendable, if you want to get ideal clothes, you may skip reading the necessary details. Never hurry when reading the information, as you may find essential tips, which will make you stay away from buying the desired item.

9.  Ignoring Shoes

Purchasing vintage shoes is funnier than outfits. You may face numerous problems after pulling them off several times, thus you are advised to skip them, mostly in case of leather shoes. But if you are really prone to getting a pair, be very attentive.

10.  Skipping Bargaining

Stay away from overpaying, as it’s among the vintage shopping mistakes. Never be ashamed of bargaining, especially if you get several pieces. Show your politeness and smile before making the prize lower.

Thus, take into consideration these vintage shopping mistakes and skip making them, as only in this case you won’t feel a deep regret.

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