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Useful Fashion Stylist Tips Worth Knowing

Perhaps the best things in this life are free, and the same can be said about fashion advice. Seeing celebrities always in style, we all want to imitate them, we get inspired by them, yet never hear any professional fashion advice from their stylists. Now, some of them give us the chance to dress like a celebrity, as here we have some stylist tips that will help you look gorgeous every single time. Want to look like your favorite celeb? Check out the following great tips.

Choose Your Clothes According to Your Body Shape
Some things look great on others, but they may not flatter you. It’s important to pay attention to your own body shape and know what is good for you. You must know how to conceal your flaws and show off your virtues with the help of the garments you choose.
Look Slim Choosing Trendy Prints and Asymmetric Clothes
Prints and asymmetric cuts are ultra-popular this year. Besides looking utterly trendy, they have great slimming properties. Go for vertical prints and patterns, as well as asymmetric tunics and dresses for creating the illusion of a slim silhouette.
Use Belts to Make Your Outfits
Belts are a must have. Despite the season and the trends, they are always there. Besides making or breaking outfits, belts also accent your waist and make your legs appear longer and leaner. So, if you are putting on a nice dress, a baggy tunic or a cardigan, make sure to add a belt to it.

Shop for Outfits
Never shop for single pieces because they are cheap or cute. Instead, go for outfits. While buying a piece, try to think of at least three different outfits you can wear that with. If you like the shoes + bag rule, make sure to buy shoes according to the bags you have and vice versa.
Use Accessories
No one can deny the great power of accessories in making or breaking an outfit. Even if you can’t find some cute pieces for you, you can make the simplest and dullest outfit look gorgeous by spicing it up with matching accessories. A single color outfit can make you slimmer, so just accessorize it with cheerful pieces and look more fashionable.

Always Wear Matching Undergarments
Make sure your lingerie drawer has the basic lingerie styles and colors according to your outfits. Before going out, make sure to check yourself for your underwear lines too.
Practice the Shopping Diet
It’s important to know what you are buying. Never go for pieces that you will wear just once. Be smart and shop smart.

Try to Be Unique
Fashion loves uniqueness. Try to express your individuality through your clothes. Think pieces that will help you stand out in the crowd. Don’t fear to show off your creativeness and bold side.

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