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Ultrasound Hair Removal to Get Rid of Blonde Facial Hair

You no longer have to feel unconfident and uncomfortable because of some unaesthetic facial hair. Your dream of having a baby smooth skin has come true, as scientists have created a special ultrasound hair removal device now, which works even for blonde hair! Find out more about the new hair removal method and hurry up to try it, getting a super flawless looking, impeccable skin!
So far hair removal devices helped only women with dark hair, but for light colored hair no laser or IPL could work. For this reason scientists finally invented a new hair removal device, the ultrasound one, which delivers perfect results both for blonde and grey hair as well, so you can get your dreamed baby smooth complexion you have always been dreaming of.

Facial hair has always been something horrible for women and they have always tried to solve this problem by opting for various hair removal techniques, which, however, didn’t deliver perfect results for blondes. The way laser and IPL works is by emitting energy that is absorbed by the darker pigments of the hair, which later gets converted into heat, destroying the hair follicle and permanently destroying hair. And since hair doesn’t grow at the same time, one had to go for multiple sessions to get effective results.
With the innovative ultrasound hair removal system women with blonde, grey and red hair can instantly get rid of the unwanted hair. Even the softest fuzz is revealed by high definition cameras, so the need for getting permanent flawless, hairless skin is increasing. While professional photographers can instantly remove all the imperfections of the skin from the photo, the HD cameras serve as the biggest enemies of facial hair, making them more visible. Thus makeup and facial hair removal has become obligatory.
This revolutionary permanent hair removal device was created in Israel and it works by sending ultrasound waves via a tweezers-like end. These waves go down the hair shaft to the root and get transferred into heat, destroying the hair instantly. The damage to the hair follicle caused by the ultrasound waves is permanent, so the hair will never regrow. Moreover, after the procedure your skin never suffers from burns. So this hair removal technique is completely pain free and sunscreen isn’t required afterwards. However, there is one disadvantage about the new device: it can only tackle one hair strand at a time, thus not being convenient for large area treatments.
With the constant improvements in the field of hair removal, men and women will soon enjoy a smooth, hair free skin at relatively low costs!

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