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Tips for a Matte Makeup

Matte makeup is the best rectifier to oily skin, which is a great problem for many women. Those who have oily skin, always try different makeup tips to conceal this and to keep their makeup fresh and in shape for at least several hours, after which some have to even refresh the makeup once again. Even though this problem isn’t that easy to handle, there are certain makeup tips that will help you to get the desired matte makeup at home, without going to any beauty salon.

 Matte makeup is something tricky, as it requires certain procedures; for example it’s not advised to use a too thick foundation coat, as it’ll have an unnatural and unflattering look. Though it may look perfect in photos, in reality it’s not totally matte and perfect, as throughout the day your skin may gain a natural shine due to sebum. To get your desired perfect matte look, first be sure to choose the right high-quality mattifying products for makeup and for skin care that will be exactly for your skin type. You should always keep in mind that there is no need to completely stop the sebum secretion of your skin, but you have just to reduce it, as this is the greatest weapon against skin pollution or sun rays, which fasten the premature aging of your skin.
The routine says that you should apply some moisturizing cream and after that the foundation, which, however, will not result in the matte makeup you’re looking for: to achieve this you should also apply a mattifying makeup base after the moisturizing cream, before the foundation. You can apply it on your entire face or only on the problematic areas, like T-zone.

If your skin tends to become oily too fast, just leave the moisturizing cream out. An excellent solution in this case can be turning to a dermatologist or a cosmetician to find out the best products for your skin type. A smart investment would be a moisturizing cream, which contains mattifying effects as well. This will keep your makeup in shape for a long time, and you’ll not have to redo it during the day.
To do a perfect matte makeup, you should pay attention not to the quantity of the products you use, but the texture. Choose the semi-matte or matte foundation, and apply the concealer only to the areas you need to. Never use a translucent powder, as you’ll never get the effect you want. However, you can use a mattifying face powder, which acts like a primer. After the foundation is done, apply some blush on your cheeks and nose.

If you want to get matte lips, this is even easier. First use some scrub on your lips to get rid of the dry skin on it, which may result in an unaesthetic look. Afterwards, apply some softening and moisturizing lip balm and wait for a few minutes, so that it can enter into your skin. This is a crucial step for getting matte lips, as usually matte lipsticks contain some powder pigments, and if your lips aren’t properly moisturized, they will have a chapped and dry look. After that, make a contour with a lip liner of the same color as your lipstick is. Avoid using a too sharp contour, as it’ll not look natural. Then fill the contour at lip surface. Apply some face powder on your lips, which will prevent a glossy look and will help set the contour perfectly. Now choose a lipstick of some nude, bold red or flirty pinky shade. Gently apply it on your lips from the center to the outer corners of your lips, using a lip brush to fix everything and make the contour disappear. Finally remove all the lipstick excess with a tissue, which will get rid of the shiny effects and give a beautiful matte effect to your lips.

For your eyes, use eyeshadows of mild colors and matte texture, applying it only after some thin coat of makeup base to avoid the eyeshadows gathering into the creases of your skin. As a final step, apply some mascara and define your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil.
IF you have got dry skin, a matte makeup isn’t for you; it’ll look good on your skin only after applying it, but at the end of the day your skin will have an aesthetic look and will be even drier.

Photos © Marieclaire, Scarletmadeline.buzznet, Eyeshadowlipstick

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