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Tips for a Long-Lasting Makeup

Makeup has always been the best option to camouflage small imperfections of your skin and boost femininity, beauty and sexuality. Women don’t spare any money for various high quality makeup products to ensure a perfect look that will steal everyone’s attention. However, because of hectic lifestyle, busy schedules and environmental factors we are often unable to get the perfect makeup look we all wish to have. In order to avoid this take a look at the following useful makeup tips and tricks that will help you get a long-lasting makeup in no time.

The first important step is preparing your skin for makeup by cleansing and moisturizing it. Once you omit this step, it’ll hardly be possible to get a long-lasting and mesmerizing makeup look, as the makeup base is the most important factor for it. First cleanse your skin and then apply the moisturizing day cream or a serum. Leave it for a few minutes to enter your skin, preparing it for the makeup products.
The second step is applying the foundation, which plays a great role in covering all the imperfections of your skin and making your makeup last longer. Apply it 10 minutes after the moisturizing cream. However, throughout the day your foundation is likely to evaporate or, moreover, leave spots on everything that comes in contact with your face. To avoid this, it’s advised to choose a foundation with a fluid texture, oil-free, which works fine on all types of skin. Apply your foundation with the help of a makeup sponge for a flawless appliance and after a few minutes apply a light layer of powder. It’s also important to use a compact powder. When it comes to the right blusher, remember that powdered texture resists longer.
A great trick for a long-lasting foundation is wetting your hands and pressing them on your skin gently after applying the foundation. This technique is called glazing, which is quite popular among makeup artists.
Women usually like a glamorous and sexy look and to achieve this they go for dramatic eye makeup. You can easily get this look with the help of pencil or a liquid eyeliner. If you have to choose between these two, remember that the liquid eyeliner is four times more resistant than the pencil. It’s advised to apply a thinner line for daytime makeup and a more accentuated one for a special, evening look.
Before applying the eyeliner, a great step is using some powder on your lids to prevent the makeup from smudging. If you are a beginner, you can draw your line with smaller lines, starting from the inside corner of the eye and working outwards. A thicker line creates a more dramatic look. Finally to balance your eye makeup, you can apply a pencil on your lower lid from the center of the eyelid going outwards.

The selection of mascara is highly important, as the wrong one can make you look older than you really are. It’s advised to choose a waterproof mascara that will cover your eyelashes, lengthening them and adding a volume, without looking overloaded. Apply it, starting from the roots of the lashes going towards the exterior, curving them. 
The great lipstick shade isn’t still enough to have a great lip makeup. Once you apply it, after some time you’ll notice that it has vanished. To avoid this an important step is exfoliating your lips properly and applying a lip balm to soften them. Never apply the lip balm just before applying the lipstick, as this will make a running color. As for the right lipstick, choose the one with a long-lasting effect, but don’t exaggerate this factor, as it’ll make your lips dry. Apply your lipstick with a special lip brush and go for a lip gloss, if desired. This will make your lips appear more kissable and fuller.
With these easy makeup tips and tricks you are sure to radiate freshness and a perfect look throughout the day, without even trying to look at yourself in the mirror once again.

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