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The Connection Between Color & Character

You may have heard that there is a close connection between color and character. The way you dress can tell a lot about your character actually. According to psychologists, the color of clothing pieces that a person chooses depends on several factors. In fact this is not because of the latest fashion tendencies that you opt for a certain color. Your decision is highly determined by your mood, state of mind and even some character traits. Your mood and state of mind is quite changeable, which will mean updating your wardrobe colors quite occasionally. However, when the word goes about character, it’s always stable and this will mean that you’ll choose almost the same shades throughout your life. Are you ready to know the truth? Read on and find some details about your favorite colors.

Pink color. If you love pink and all its hues, this states that you are quite feminine and girlish, tender and sensitive. Subconsciously you are a very romantic and fragile personality.

Yellow color. You are likely to be a very sociable, easily-mingling, optimistic and at the same time a little bit light-headed person. People especially appreciate your great sense of humor and wittiness.

Red color. Those opting for the flashy and vivid color of red, tend to be quite passionate and cheerful. From time to time you are keen on appearing quite hot-tempered.

Green color. Green stands for the hardworking, confident, reasonable and well-balanced character. Those in love with green put career in the first place in their lives and forget about romanticism and love.

Blue color. You give a lot of place to stability and calmness in relationships, rather than frequent changes and passionate impulses.

Violet color. If your favorite color is violet, you might be quite a creative person, who values exquisiteness, sophistication and beauty. Mood swings are very common for you.

Orange color. Orange describes the amorous, joyous, emotional and sincere character.

Black color. If you mostly wear black clothes, this proves that you are quite a shy and reserved person. You try to avoid attention and try to stay away from environment.

White color. You are a dreamer. You give a lot of importance to lightness and loftiness.

My favorite colors are violet and white, and I’m really a dreamer, who is also quite creative and who appreciates sophistication and beauty. What about you?


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