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Spring/Summer 2012 Men’s Fashion Trends

Actually it’s not only women interested in fashion, but also men, who are devoted to having the best possible looks in any season and on any occasion they attend. Therefore taking a quick gaze towards the upcoming fashion trends and entering the vast realm of men’s fashion is more than recommended now. While voguish men are wondering what they should wear in the upcoming warm season, fashion designers express their creative fashion thoughts through their newest collections, thus setting the base of the men’s fashion trends spring/summer 2012. From elegance to extravagance, there is any style available for every single man.

Spring/Summer 2012 Men’s fashion trends come to be extremely diverse and interesting with lots of dazzling colors, textures and styles drawing inspiration from various sources, such as schoolboy uniforms, safety wear, tropical beeches and aristocratic preppiness. There are numerous exciting and head-turning options available for men with different tastes, preferences and styles. So let’s examine the hottest men’s fashion trends for spring/summer 2012 and prepare for the new season ahead.
Blue Colors: The upcoming warm season brings lots of blue colors with it for men, accompanied by its other shades, like cyan, indigo, navy and turquoise. Blue colors can be spotted on any types of clothing, from jackets to trousers, and from shirts to shoes. No wonder, it’s a super-stylish shade, when accompanied with related tones.

Bottega Veneta SS 2012                                                                                                  Vlov-Qing Qing Wu SS 2012

Plaid Clothing: Another gorgeous trend for men for spring/summer 2012 is a great abundance of tiles, squares and check board patterns. Geometry has been especially used on suits, giving it the appearance of businessman with a touch of derision. It’s highly recommended to wear such a suit with a plain shirt and some solid color accessories. To get a preppy look, add a bow tie to your plaid suit.

Gucci SS 2012                                                                                                                     Gucci SS 2012

Stripes: Stripes continue to be in vogue not only for women, but also men. The prison will be printed up this season, yet it should be handled carefully to avoid unflattering looks. Vertical stripes come narrow and discrete on jackets, while on other pieces they get wider and bolder.

Alexander McQueen SS 2012                                                                                     Alexander McQueen SS 2012

The Iridescence: Iridescent fabrics will be extremely hot in men’s fashion in the new season. Silk, satin and velvet are the shimmering materials used in many designs, which perfectly reflect the light and look especially stunning in combination with dark tones.

Vivienne Westwood SS 2012                                                                                  Vivienne Westwood SS 2012

Transparency: Next to iridescence, we can spot the trend of transparency in the new warm season. Revealing a bit more of the man’s body can certainly look sexy and attractive, when done in a subtle way. Here the use of muslin and mosquito netting skillfully commingles with the transparent fabrics, creating a marvelous show/hide effect.

Dolce & Gabbana SS 2012                                                                                                 Dolce & Gabbana SS 2012

Oversized Pants: In the new season, we kiss goodbye to skinny and slim pants, and welcome the XXL ones. Pants in the new season become wider around the tights and looser in the calf area. The size is large around the waist, but the pants still look tight along the ankle thanks to the use of a simple hem or a big setback.

Robert Geller SS 2012                                                                                                Calvin Klein SS 2012

The Monochrome Look: The single color look will continue to be on trend in the new season. From bold rainbow colors to soft cocktails, monochromatic looks are easy to wear and look really chic.

Calvin Klein SS 2012                                                                                                       Roberto Cavalli SS 2012

The Hawaiian Patterns: The tropical feel is again exploding into the male fashion in the upcoming warm season. Prepare for a cruise in the Pacific, by opting for clothes adorned with hibiscus flowers, plumeria and birds of paradise. This tendency looks perfect for summer, giving you a more relaxed and fun look.

Jean Paul Gaultier SS 2012                                                                                                  Jean Paul Gaultier SS 2012

The Short-pants: A look back into the school days can never do harm and this is what many designers have done in their menswear collections for the new spring/summer season. Short-pants are worn above the knee, closer to the body on the edge of underwear and feature pleats and clamps this spring. You can mix and match your shorts with a suit jacket or a workwear, turning to suspenders and socks, thus revisiting the Scout uniform.

Yves Saint Laurent SS 2012                                                                                                 Casual Mode SS 2012

The White Shirt: The white shirt is one of the old faithful classics, which is always on and which always looks ideal on any occasions. It has been reinvented numerous times by many designers, becoming an eternal pieces in every single collection. In the new season, the shirt is either opaque or transparent, and sometimes even uses lace trimmings on the neck, shawl or even claudline. In short, a white shirt continues to be a big must have in every man’s closet.

Ermano Scervino SS 2012                                                                                                  Yves Saint Laurent SS 2012

The Short-sleeved Shirt: There will hardly be any summer without short-sleeved shirts for men. The upcoming warm season too brings a myriad of options for you to choose from. The sleeves are shortened or rolled up by a languet in the new season. Such shirts are worn on an open chest or buttoned up, and are usually tucked into the trousers to ensure a more refined look. One thing to keep in your mind: the shirt may look causal, but it’s much sophisticated. Therefore make sure to wear it perfectly ironed and without any wrinkles, if you want to get a preppy look.

Costume National SS 2012                                                                                                                Prada SS 2012

The Mesh: Although a must in the winter collections, the mesh is also present in the spring/summer ones. Being light, soft and flexible, the tricot becomes a must have in the upcoming season.

Versace SS 2012                                                                                           Issey Miyake SS 2012

The Camel Color: Although a bit strange, the fall colors proudly step into the new season. Brown, gold, ocher and yellow are the shades used in many designer’s collections, arousing the feeling of a safari in Africa, dunes of sand in Sahara or a Moroccan wilderness. Such sunset colors look especially great in combination with white, beige or ivory.

Dior Homme SS 2012                                                                                        Yves Saint Laurent SS 2012

Fringed Loafers: When it comes to the footwear of the new season, you can spot lots of loafers, which come adorned with fringes. Fringed loafers have become a timeless classic for men, and can add an elegant and aristocratic touch to your appearance. Featuring leather or suede, tassels or laces, fringed loafers come a little higher this year with a sole made of cork or rubber and matching the right color.

Prada SS 2012

The Neo-creepers: The famous punk shoe style, which was especially popular in the ‘50s in the UK, makes a huge rock n ‘roll comeback in the new season. However, this year they use more whimsical and daring prints, like check boards or sequins. Wear your neo-creepers with straight cut pants and a bolo tie, and your super-gorgeous rockabilly look is ready to rock!

Burberry Prorsum SS 2012                                                                                         Burberry Prorsum SS 2012

The Sandals: The hot temperature becomes sometimes unbearable, and to calm things down a little bit most men turn to sandals. Sandals are especially good for all those, who want to feel more ease and comfort. They also are powerful in adding a relaxed and lightweight flair to your summerish look. Only be careful in the material choices: plastic sandals are for the beach but leather ones should be worn in the city.

Dsquared2 SS 2012                                                                                                           Ermenegildo Zegna SS 2012

The Rangers: Another trendy footwear style for the new season becomes the military boot. It’s rising up higher and features laces or a zip, as well as a lugged outsole. The ranges made their way in fashion in mid-90s with the Gothic movement. The soldier’s boots look especially stylish, when worn with skinny pants or shorts.

Lanvin SS 2012                                                                                                            Lanvin SS 2012

The Purse: Yes, believe it or not, the purse will be highly popular with men in spring/summer 2012. Unlike those of women, men’s purses come smaller in size and use more rigid materials, and wilder impressions, such as python or leather. They feature a zipper or a flap for closing, and preferably use darker tones. No wonder, the well-known briefcases and wallets come to have a huge competitor in the new season.

Bottega Veneta SS 2012                                                                                          Bottega Veneta SS 2012

The Scarf: The timeless elegance of the aristocratic Anglo-Saxon neckwear comes to be very popular in spring/summer 2012 and looks especially great, if you want to create a dandy style. Scarves of silk and satin will be the simplest accessories in men’s fashion this year, which never fails to demonstrate upper-class preppiness. Just memorize the popular aphorism of Oscar Wilde – “A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life,” and rock this chic trend in the new season.

Other men’s accessories trendy this year are funky sunglasses and a watch, the more expensive, the better.

Louis Vuitton SS 2012                                                                                                      Hermes SS 2012

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