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Spring Skin Care Tips

Flowered spring has arrived, which is a good reason to deeply change our routines. Preparing our skin for the new season is one of the most essential things, as seasonal changes may cause different skin problems. Though, very subtle, a few skin care tips can make great changes in the way our skin looks and create our desired flawless skin. Luckily doing this in warmer seasons is much easier, as our skin is subjected to fewer problems. Setting an effective skin care routine is surely the right option, which may seem a little bit complicated and boring at first, but later on it’ll become much simpler, as you’ll get used to it. Here are a few easy steps of how to keep your skin in shape and always look radiant and gorgeous.

Moisturizing is a smart investment in your skin care treatment for sure. Although you may have used lots of rich moisturizing creams during cold seasons, it’s very essential to switch to some lighter moisturizers during warmer seasons, as a heavy one may look quite greasy on your skin. If your skin is very dry, the moisturizing cream you use on your body areas can still remain the same, however it’s preferable to again switch to some lighter one. If you don’t wish to buy a new moisturizing cream, you can just add a little rosewater into your cream, and it’ll be a perfect mix for your skin.
Those who have oily skin can turn to a mattifying gel, which also serves as a perfect base for a long lasting makeup. A mattifying gel will not be a good option for other types of complexions, as it contains some drying effects, and this will cause some skin problems. If your skin is still too dry, you can use good nourishing creams to recover the natural glow of your skin.

Sunscreen is a serious problem during warm seasons, so it’s recommended to look for a sunscreen with a SPF of at least 20. A moisturizer containing some SPF will also do. It’s important to pay attention to the always-forgotten areas of your skin, such as the back parts of your ears, lips, fingers and so on. Sunscreen can sometimes cause acne breakouts, so to avoid this you can buy a formula, containing avobenzone and oxybenzone, or just an oil free one. You can also try different foundation tones, as your skin tone is sure to change in the upcoming months.
Regularly exfoliating should also become an essential part of your daily routine: choose a gentle exfoliator, and apply some soothing lotions after the procedure. Pay attention to your makeup routine as well. It’s important to be informed about the latest makeup tips and choose lighter shades to indicate your delicate facial traits.
Finally another important step is to take care about your diet and exercise regimen. Include lots of fruits and vegetables, drink a lot of water and exercise much, which will definitely be reflected on your skin.

Photos © urodaydryskincare, beautyandthebath

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