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Skin Detox Tips for 2015

The holiday season is officially over. So let’s go back to reality. Of course, we had a great time, we enjoyed some delicious foods, but warm memorable days and some extra pounds are all we’re left with. Hence it is the right time to plan an intense detox program for our skin in order to get back to our healthy and radiant looks. Check out the best skin detox tips for 2015 and start the new season with a brand new complexion!

Skin Detox Tips for 2015

Coconut Water

Besides all its well-known benefits coconut seems to be an effective remedy for skin detox. According to our reliable sources low-sugar coconut water can be a great substitute for IV bag. The best thing about it is that it does not contain any artificial ingredients. So it’s all natural and very effective.

Lemon Juice

By having a glass of lemon juice mixed with water every morning you’ll aid your detox program. You can also add cucumber and mint as well. It all depends on your taste preferences.

Ginger Drink

Now if you’re looking for another alternative this might be the best option for you! Thus slice up raw ginger root, soak it in hot water and just drink it.


Ok never skip this step for any reason! Moisturizer is something that you should always have in your makeup bag. With a good moisturizer your skin will be well- protected and always maintain its natural glow.


Well you might be tired of hearing about how important exfoliation is, but we have our reasons. Especially after holiday season (when heavy makeup was necessary) you skin needs special treatment. As you know exfoliation is a part of it. So you have to always keep in mind that without exfoliation there’s no intense cleaning.

Exfoliation for the Rest of your Body

It’s not only the skin on your face that needs special care as the rest of your body also requires some work to be done. According to dermatologists the best way to exfoliate your skin is brushing. Brushing helps to stimulate lymphatic system in and get rid of toxins and dead skin cells. So it has an essential impact.


You are what you eat. So if you want to look great you need to put a limit on all the sweets and the junk food that you eat. Provide to your body lots of fruits and vegetables instead and enjoy looking and feeling great!

Sleep Well

Last but not least a good sleep is also something required. Thus to achieve the desired effects, you need to ensure that you sleep at least 8 hours a day.


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