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Shoes Reflect Your Personality

Nobody will deny the truth that people judge you by your appearance at first sight. Your outfits, your sense of style and taste can tell so much about your preferences and interests, thus leaving a positive or a negative impression. But can shoes have their own part in this too? It was proved by psychologists that shoes say volumes about their owner. Your footwear is capable to reveal your style sense, neatness, status, preferences and, why not, character! So if until now, you never paid attention to this factors, while choosing a new pair of stylish shoes, it’s high time to learn more and take these precious details into account.

Stilettos serve as a great weapon
If you mostly opt for stilettos, this proves the vivid, bold and extraordinary character of yours. You can be slightly capricious and even spoilt, anyways you always strive to get whatever you want. Despite the fact that some surrounding people will take you for a shallow and silly girl, you are very self-confident and powerful. This is a great style of shoes, revealing your sexuality and daring character.

Flats envelops comfort
Those fond of flats, appear to be very friendly and sweet, but at the same time slightly boring. Your great keenness in flats shows that you are still a child deep in your soul. You try to show your openness and readiness for mingling with others, still people can hardly get to you. Women who like flats are actually great fashionizers, who love to have lots of new and stylish clothes. You are extremely kind and understanding and men take you as a very fragile personality, who they want to take care of.

Biker-style queen
You are a very reserved and egocentric person, who never trusts people and prefers to do everything on her own. You get very surprised at other’s rude and inadequate behavior. However, you are quite sensitive and worry about your relations with your friends.

If loafers and oxford shoes are the dominating footwear styles in your wardrobe, you belong to the huge crowd of girls, who are reserved and undemonstrative, always trying to hide your feelings. You are very ambitious, and always reach all your goals in life. However, your great punctuality bothers people a little and makes it difficult for you to make friends.

Girls, who are great fans of sporty shoes, are usually very sociable and creative. There love to have fun, to travel a lot and get very bored, when they stay at one place for a little bit longer time. They always like mutual respect and understanding in friendship.

Comfortable sexiness
Those who prefer wedges are very powerful, self-confident and straightforward. However they are not so confident, when making important decisions. They appreciate trust and reliability in relationships.
And if you like to combine various styles of shoes, this means that you are keen on experiments. Whatever style you have, stick to it, if you really like it, and try not to take this article too seriously, after all this is just a little bit of fun and, why not, may really reveal some truth about you :).

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