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Quick and Easy Holiday Makeup Tips

Winter is the perfect season for various special occasions, as there is the big and much anticipated event of the year – the Christmas season. Special events require special outfits, special hairstyles and special makeup looks, so if you are done with the rest two, it’s time to pay attention to your complexion and get that flawless, mesmerizing look that will certainly leave everyone speechless. Get ready to impress your friends and relatives with your sophisticated, glam and sexy party-appropriate makeup look, without exaggerating things, but rather opting for something simple, yet chic and memorable. Take a look at the following quick and easy holiday makeup tips and prepare to shine like a true star in the sky!

When it comes to winter holidays, everyone immediately recalls some glowing and sparkling colors. However, it’s not obligatory to go for screamy looks, which are always quite hard and time-consuming to get. As it’s rather difficult sometimes to manage the hectic schedule and still be able to look impeccable during the Christmas parties, just learn the following easy-to-remember makeup rules and ensure your stunning look without too much effort.
Keep in mind that a nice daytime look can be easily transformed into a gorgeous party makeup. For this, just make sure to get a transparent compact powder that will give a nice matte finish to your skin. And here come the popular tools you should use. For instance, for a more dramatic look, go for a light eye shadow color you normally use during the day. And if you want to obtain a more intense result, apply a thicker layer of your eye shadow. On the other hand, don’t forget about an eyeliner, if you want to get a mysterious look, and the mascara for volume. As for the lips, a matte, darker color is sure to rock. Finally add a color to your complexion with the help of a nice blush and you are done!

Although this first option will certainly do, especially for women who are always in a hurry, it’s advisable to start everything from scratch. In this respect, it’s important to follow the basic makeup steps, as it’s not our objective to get only a nice makeup look, but also a healthy complexion. Therefore, never forget about cleansing. Always use a special cleansing lotion for your eyes, and another, a more intense one for your skin. Don’t scrub to avoid damaging your skin, but rather gently remove the makeup with cotton pads.
Surely, the secret of a flawless makeup lies in a great makeup base. Make sure to first apply a moisturizing cream to resist the foundation you use. However, also avoid using a too light texture so that it’ll not instantly melt. Take your time applying this cream, ensuring it’s thoroughly entered the skin for a silky result. You’ll know it better what makeup base suits your skin the most.
If your skin easily turns red, or you deal with acne, use a colored makeup base. To hide the red spots, go for a makeup base with a greenish hue. If your skin isn’t glowing, a pink or pearled white makeup base can certainly add luminosity to your complexion.
Now start the proper makeup process. Start with the foundation. Pick the color that is tone-on-tone, as it shouldn’t be darker or brighter than your skin. Apply a concealer in pinkish tones to light up your look. Apply it with a brush going towards the base of your cheeks. The concealer also works fine for hiding all the imperfections of your skin, yet avoid an excessive use as you might want to camouflage flaws, not emphasize them. Finally apply some powder to fix your makeup base and get a nice matte finish.
When it comes to the blush, remember to always apply it, once you are done with your eye makeup. For a natural look, use the blush only on the cheekbones, and if you want something more sophisticated and sensual, start on the cheeks going up to the temples. Never exaggerate with your blush and always pick the right color for your complexion.
Sparkles are great for the holiday season, no matter you like more gold, silver or other glittering shades. If you prefer this option, try to avoid using excessively the other makeup products. Foundation, powder, blush and a nude lip color will be fine. Before using your eye shadow, apply some powder on the lids. An important note – always choose your eye shadow color taking into consideration your skin tone, hair and eye color, and never the color of your clothes. Also always avoid any distinct lines.

Go for a highlighter or a lighter eye shadow tone, and apply it on the brow bone. The medium shade is applied below the eyelid crease to the brow bone, while the darker one on the lids from the lashline to the crease in the eyelid. Apply an eyeliner to your upper eyelid, starting from the outer corner towards the center of the eyelid. For a mysterious effect, choose the smokey eye makeup.
As for the lips, use a lip gloss, which you should apply after exfoliating and moisturizing your lips. If your eye makeup is more natural, you can try bolder colors on your lips, such as red. The lipstick should be in tone with your skin complexion. Moreover, never forget about winter care, as lipsticks and lip glosses both should have moisturizing properties to protect your lips against the harsh weather outside.
You already know the basic holiday makeup tips. Now turn on your creativity, and start experimenting, until you find the most appealing style for you.

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