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Precious Kardashian Beauty Tips from The Famous Clan

Whether you love or hate the Kardashian-Jenner clan, they are super-famous throughout the world and they do inspire us when it comes to well-groomed, feminine looks both in terms of fashion and beauty. While Kendall Jenner is our personal favorite, there are many fans of Kim, Khloe, Kylie, Kourtney and Kris, who always look drop-dead gorgeous and flawless at various red carpet events making our jaws drop at the sight of those perfect makeup looks and picture-perfect complexion that they have. We start to wonder how to get such a flawless skin as Kendall has, how to do makeup in Kim’s and Kylie’s style, and it’s here that these precious Kardashian beauty tips come in handy.

Precious Kardashian Beauty Tips from The Famous Clan

1. Kim’s Strange Hair Routine

Have you ever seen Kim having a bad hair day? Hardly! The beauty diva always rocks healthy, shining locks whether she makes an appearance at the red carpet wearing a dramatic hairdo or is out and about in the city with her loose wavy hair. It turns out Kim’s hair care secret is not washing it every day. Instead she blows out her hair on the first day and sticks to a messier look the next day. On day three Kim would use a flat iron to create a sleek look that actually requires some oil in the hair. The following day she would opt for a sleek ponytail, while it’s on day five that she’d finally wash her hair. This gives you both more free time and healthier hair as we learn it from Kim’s personal practice.

2. Kendall’s Flawless Skin Secret

You won’t believe it, but Kendall used to have acne problems back in her college years and she really had to struggle a lot against it turning to various dermatologists to finally rid herself of the problem. Now, she certainly has a flawless complexion, and the trick to this is simply using sunscreen always and not touching her face during the day unless she just has to wash it before going to bed.

4. Kylie’s Plump Lip Secret

Although Kylie recently finally confirmed having lip fillers, she also is very skilled in terms of applying makeup to enhance her features even more and to make her lips look even more kissable. It turns out Kylie never really uses a lipstick or lip-gloss, instead giving her preference to a lip liner and filling it in. Overdrawing the lips will help you get plump lips, of course, unless you don’t go over the limit.

5. Kourtney’s Super-Long Eyelashes Secret

Nothing can give lots of depth and definition to your eyes better than long bambi lashes and Kourtney is a master when it comes to rocking the look. Her secret is using vitamin E oil to boost the full and healthy look of her lashes, while it’s also no secret that all the sisters also use eyelash extensions.

6. Khloe’s Use of Oils

The big beauty secret of Khloe in terms of hair care, skin care and just every other beauty aspect is using organic coconut oil. She also uses avocado oil and argan oil she gets from Morocco both for hair care and for taking off her makeup before going to bed.

7. How Kris Jenner Never Ages

Seriously, how does she do it? Apparently, Kris Jenner’s secret to the always-youthful look is simply washing the face with a hot terry washcloth every night before going to bed. It’s like exfoliating and cleansing at the same time, and it helps you get rid of any makeup residues and dirt, feeling fresh and clean as you go to sleep.

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