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Perfume vs. Eau de Toilette

Everyone knows that there is a great difference between the price of a perfume and that of an eau de toilette. Still can’t decide which one to choose? Because of the price difference most people opt for perfumes, thinking they are better, as they are more expensive. No need to be misled by the packaging and the price. Instead learn more about the difference between these two and find out which appeals to you the most.

No wonder perfumes are more respected, symbolizing the status of a person. Perfume producers constantly surprise the world with their amazing creations, mixing some incredible potions that simply mesmerize. But why is perfume superior to eau de toilette? Because they offer a more long lasting and powerful effect because of containing 15-40% perfume concentrate and being known as extracts.
Perfumes usually come in smaller bottles, the reason of which is that they are so highly concentrated that you need to apply just a little portion for the desired effect. Having a higher price, perfumes are considered to be the purest and the most original form of the scent.
Fragrances tend to fade because of weather conditions, however perfumes manage to keep the effect for about 6 hours. Just pour a tiny amount of perfume and enjoy your fragrance throughout the day. So if you appreciate sophistication and sensuality and want to feel your favorite scent for a longer time, definitely opt for a perfume!
It’s also important to know that if you’ve liked the smell of the perfume on your friend, it doesn’t mean it’ll smell the same way on you, as perfumes usually change their smell, when coming in touch with your skin.
Eau de Toilette
Fragrances are often labeled according to the ratio of alcohol to scented perfume concentrates. EDTs contain about 1-6% concentrates, which is the reason why they are less valuable than perfumes. Because of this, they will never last for 6 hours, but only 2-4. Eau de toilette usually evaporates quickly due to its higher content of alcohol.
As you have noticed, EDTs guarantee rather a fresh body, but not a refined scent that lasts for hours. They grant your body with an energizing and delicate feel, just like sprays and lotions do. They are advised to use on the daily basis. Some people opt for EDTs during workdays and leave their precious perfumes for special days.
Now you know the actual difference between a perfume and an eau de toilette. Che choice is up to you!

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