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Perfect Pedicure Tips

All women in the world apply pedicure on their toes to get a polished look. Some women go for it quite frequently, but others delay visiting pedicurists even for several months, thus causing danger to their feet.

As summer has already come and it’s time to wear sandals, you should get perfect pedicure in order to look luxurious. Fortunately, there are numerous products to look after our nails. Alex Jachno, one of the famous manicurists, created wonders with such celebrities as Kerry Washington, as well as Julia Roberts.

Perfect Pedicure Tips

Jachno recommends applying polish on your toes each day and going for various nail art designs. You should also know that your toenails are thicker compared with your fingernails. Here are perfect pedicure tips, given by Jachno.

Combat Discoloration

If you don’t change the art design of your toenails frequently, wear the same pedicure for a month, and leave your feet in shoes for a long time, you will face a problem of toenail discoloration. In case your feet don’[t breathe, they will be infected, which may make your nails become yellow. To combat discoloration, Jachno advises to clear the nail polish and go for a buffing block to get a new surface.

Check the Ingredients of the Bottles

Some ingredients in your mani may really cause damage to your toenails. Go for those types of nail polishes, which are healthy. They shouldn’t contain toluene or dibutyl phthalate. Instead, the nail polishes should be high in polymer ks_02, which is beneficial for your toenails.

The Problem of Ingrown Nails

Consider another perfect pedicure tip and get rid of ingrown nails. Too tight shoes may have a bad influence on your toenails, giving rise to ingrown nails. To fight against this problem, go for a straight nail cut. However, if you already suffer from ingrown nails, you are advised to apply the edge of the nail file in order to put cotton beneath your nails. It will lessen the pain and you will gradually get rid of the ingrown nails.

How to Create a Perfect Pedicure Yourself

Perfect Pedicure Tips

1.  Jachno recommends mixing lukewarm water and powdered milk (1 cup) in a bowel. It is high in lactic acid, which makes the cuticles softer.

2.  Put your feet in it for several minutes, and take a wood stick to make the cuticles go back.

3.  Apply the edge of the nail file, which is made of metal, to go beneath your nails.

4.  Go for a foot grater to get rid of the cuticles or to make them softer. Then apply foot file to get rid of the rough surface.

5.  Use the base coat and then apply your favorite color in two coats. If you are going to pull off shoes, make sure the polish is completely dry.

6.  Opt for lotion or apply cream before sleeping. It will hydrate your feet and soften them.

While caring for your toenails in summer, take into account these perfect pedicure tips. They will be your guide to achieve neat and clear nails.

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