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Ombré Nails Hot Again

Get ready to boost your nails with Ombré, as it’s back in trend again. No surprise about, I must say, these hues are gorgeous. Ombré means gradually changing the nail color form light to dark or from one color form another. I’ll tell you this; if you don’t have that much of a skill applying nail polish– I know I don’t- it’ll be a bit difficult to get one by yourself, but you can always have it done and the result is totally fab!
The basic choices that you get are- diffusing the manicures with an airbrush (apply the base color over the nail and apply the tip color to the end using a sponge), and adding a small amount of another color around the cuticle- slowly fading into a nude color.
Here’s what basically you need to do: get 5 same color nail polish- from light to dark, use a base coat and wait for it to dry. Paint each finger with a different hue- passing form light to dark, again. At the end finish it up, by glazing your fingers with a top coat, let it dry and you’re good to go.

There is another more difficult way to achieve the Ombré style; if you’re not that skilled, this probably isn’t the one for you, but, hey, you can always give it a try. Make sure to have a lot of time for it.
So, you’ll need: white nail polish, three polishes of the same color going form light to dark, nail polish remover, a small brush, a base coat, a top coat and a makeup sponge. Already hard isn’t it! Well, we’re not done yet, go grab on! Start with a base coat and let it dry. Then onward with a white polish in order to create a solid base color. Then, take the makeup sponge and dab a small stripe of the lightest color on one side, and a slightly dark color on the other- followed by the darkest one. Instantly, place the sponge onto your nails one by one with the same directions. Let them dry for a while, then remove the side nail polish with the small brush, until you get it all out. Eventually top your nails with a top coat and woohoo you’re done.

It’s a matter of experimenting, exercising with two or three colors, or same colors with different shades- it’s up to you- until you get the result that you want. The season is crazed with Ombré style, so get on your way of creating one- I’m already on mine!

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