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Natalie Portman’s Black Swan Body Double Scandal

Oscar’s 2011 Best Actress winner Natalie Portman has found herself on the hotspot, regarding her movie “Black Swan”. There are now rumors that it’s not Natalie doing all those amazing dance interpretations in the movie, which made her the best actress of the year. It’s presumed that the professional ballerina Sarah Lane is the one dancing in the movie instead of Natalie Portman. The American Ballet Theater dancer gave an interview to the Glamour magazine, stating that the producer of the film had asked her to keep quite. “He asked if I would please not do any more interviews until after the Oscars because it was bad for Natalie’s image. I’m not speaking because I feel I should be heralded. I’m just speaking because they’re completely lying about the amount of dancing that Natalie did in the movie,” stated Sarah.

However, Natalie Portman stated that it was exactly her doing the most impressive parts of the dance, which really helped her gain the title of the Best Actress. Surely there were parts that Sarah also danced, and the face of Sarah was replaced with Natalie’s face with the help of some face replacement techniques. As for Sarah, she declared: “They were trying to create this image, this facade, really, that Natalie had done something extraordinary. Something that is pretty much impossible … to become a professional ballerina in a year and half. Even with as hard as she worked, it takes so much more. It takes twenty-two years, it takes thirty years to become a ballerina.”
Everyone was really impressed by Natalie’s great efforts she put into the role, however Lane seems to be extremely insulted that it’s not her to be praised, as she did all the dancing.
As Sarah’s statement gave birth to a huge scandal, the director of “Black Swan”, Darren Aronofsky presented a written statement, in which he states that 80% of the dancing was performed by Natalie: “Here is the reality. I had my editor count shots. There are 139 dance shots in the film — 111 are Natalie Portman untouched. Twenty-eight are her dance double Sarah Lane. If you do the math, that’s 80 percent Natalie Portman.”

As a response, Lane stated that face shots aren’t actually dance scenes. Anyways, Lane didn’t sign any agreement, stating her great role in the movie. She was just insulted that Natalie Portman was presented to the world as a super ballerina, which, according to Lane, isn’t fair. “There’s so much emotionally that goes into motivating yourself and being able to physically push yourself to reach a certain level, that you have to reach to be a professional ballerina with one of the biggest ballet companies in the world and to sustain that standard over a whole career. It really hurts for someone to say that, they got a personal trainer and they became what I spent blood, sweat and tears doing every day, all my life, in just a year and a half,” Lane said.
As for Natalie, she declared that she doesn’t want to mess up her amazing experience with nastiness.
Some people are for Lane, and others, like Mila Kunis, for Natalie. And what do you think about this? Does Natalie deserve the reward she got or not?

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