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Men’s Fashion Advice: How to Choose a Classic White Shirt

What can be more classic and refined for men than a well-tailored white shirt? It’s certainly the most classic of all classics. A perfectly fitting white shirt can enhance the representative and elegant look in you, guaranteeing a successful style on any occasion.
Though it may seem a little bit reserved style at first glance, actually there are infinite options of sporting a classic white shirt, like pairing it with a tuxedo and a suit, a pair of stylish jeans, a cardigan and a plaid jacket, shorts and vests, with a tie or without. Wear it with a contrasting blue tie or a timeless black one at the office. Get rid of it once the working day is over and unbutton the collar, matching it with a bold biker leather jacket. Team it up with a bright cardigan or roll up the sleeves and suit it with a pair of shorts for a casual night out. There are many ways of wearing a classic white shirt, just keep it crisp and clean at all times and mix and match to look different at each time.

To sport a successful style, first of all pay attention to a number of factors, while choosing a white shirt for you. If you lack imagination, take a look at the following tips and tricks on choosing a classic white shirt:
The Shirt
No matter you are choosing a white shirt to sport it with a suit or jeans and jacket, it should fit perfectly. If it’s a super slim design, pay attention that it is comfortable in motion.
Keep in mind that the white shirt you are wearing with a tuxedo or the one worn on a daily basis should certainly differ from each other in style, design and even fabrics.

Point collar is usually with its points down, paired with a small tie.
A spread collar is worn with a more space in between the spread points. It is usually paired with necktie.
Button down collar features buttons on its ends that button up the collar tight to the shirt. A white shirt with button collar is considered to be casual.
Winged tip collar has its tips folded like wings. Shirts with such collars are usually worn with tuxedos.
A tab collar is usually higher than all the other ones and has a smaller spread. It is the best option for men, who have a long neck.
Club collars have smaller rounded tips than all the others. To inject some interest to your look, accessorize the collar of your shirt with a pin that fastens the two points together.

Button cuffs are best for a casual look, while French and barrel cuffs create a formal style. Wear your French cuffs with classic cufflinks.
Convertible cuffs look good both with cufflinks and buttons.

The length of your shirt sleeves varies according to the weather, as well as the style. Suits are usually sported with long-sleeved shirts with cuffs, pointed out under the jacket sleeves. Short-sleeved shirts are more casual and can be worn with jeans, shorts and casual jackets.
Shirts with pockets are considered to be casual, therefore make sure not to wear this type of shirts with vests and suits.
The buttons can be either white or black both on formal and casual shirts. Black buttons create a nice contrast with the white color of your shirt.

You should also pay attention to the fabric choice. If the occasion is formal, choose a dressier fabric, such as silk, and opt for cotton for a casual look. The styles and designs of both men’s and women’s white shirts are endless, so you’ll have a great range of options. White shirts may require more maintenance, but they are definitely fantastic in terms of style.

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