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How to Wear Scarves

Scarves are one of the most versatile accessories, which can easily change your look, hide figure flaws and emphasize your dignity, if used in the right way. Scarves have a certain reputation of classicism and smart elegance, refinement and sophistication. They can also be utterly sweet and romantic, containing a tint of your colorful and playful personality.
Wearing scarves is a real art, requiring a little bit of creativity and accessorizing skills. You can easily create the image of an elegant lady or a cheerful, flirty girl with just a few movements of your hands. However, you can also spoil its chic look, if you don’t know how to tie a scarf, what scarf to choose for your outfits and silhouettes. To avoid style blunders and to always radiate beauty and elegance, take a look at the following useful tips on choosing scarves and wearing them in the right way.

The first important step is to take a look at your figure. If you have narrow shoulders and wide hips, your choice should be thin scarves, which you can tie around your neck. If you have a thin neck, a bow on the collar of your blouse will help you balance your proportions. In order to look taller, wear a long scarf without tying it around your neck. And if you want to look younger, go for a beaded shawl.
The second thing is to pay attention to your outfits, you are going to match your scarf with. For example, a thin and small scarf with tiny patterns perfectly goes with jeans. If you aren’t sure about the color and patterns, you can match it with the color of your belt or your own eyes. Keep in mind, that the most stylish scarves are hand painted. To look more fashionable and elegant, avoid wearing overly “fussy” scarves.
If you want to fix a silk or chiffon scarf, you can use a brooch, which works only with plain fabrics. And if your scarf has prints, it’s better to go for a decorative pin.
Finally, if you have already chosen the right scarf for you, it’s time to switch on your creativeness and tie it the right way. There are endless methods to wear your scarf, like around your neck, as a bandana or a headband, on the wrist or as a bag accessory.

Around the Neck: The traditional use of scarves is when you tie it around your neck to add a patch color or a sweet detail to your outfits. You can do this in various ways, like in the form of bows or for a Boho effect wear it loose around the neck. For this chic update, fold the scarf diagonally and then roll it, making a skinny tie.
Bandana: A very popular use of spring and summer scarves are bandannas, sported with the help of a silky triangle or a square scarf. If you want to adopt a Hippie look and at the same time protect your hair color from the harmful sun rays, go for a colorful or a mono-chromatic scarf and tie it as a bandana. Both wider and narrower styles can look flattering and easily blending with your breezy outfits. Fold the scarf, making a horizontal line, then tie it around your head. This will be very appealing, if you are going out for a nice casual meeting.

Headband: Another way of working with scarves on your head is when you tie it into a sweet headband, which looks utterly chic especially on a high ponytail or a messy bun. Pull your hair up into a temporary ponytail, roll the scarf into a skinny tie and wrap your head with it, securing with a tie at the back of your head. Finally release your hair or make a nice updo. You can also make sweet bows with your headband-scarf. If you have got oblong and long face shape, you can tie your scarf on the forehead, which will steal some inches from the length of your features.

On the Wrist: The multitude of pleasant colors and playful prints allow using scarves as a jewelry, wrapping it around your wrist. From flower prints, polka dots, butterflies to skulls, they can add a special twist to your simple outfits. For better results, choose a narrow scarf, and then wrap it around your wrist as many times, as necessary. Your scarf-bracelet is ready!
Bag Accessory: And finally scarves can also be a great decorating element for your handbag or purse. Tie it around your handbag handle, choosing a color complimenting it or making a great contrast. This special combination will definitely receive a great public praise.
As you see, the versatility of scarves and their power of transforming your look is great. All you have to do is turn to your inner fashionista and start experimenting with the infinite options available.

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