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How to Wear Red Clothes

Red has always been the color of seductiveness, passion and glamour, no matter it’s a simple red accessory, a red lipstick or all in red outfit. It’s extremely chic and luxurious, elegant and classic, but also flirty and a little bit tricky. Red has a strong power of attracting and alluring, completing your outfits, but also breaking your entire look if not sported in the right way.
Being a little capricious and dangerous color, red requires a certain approach and style knowledge for pulling it off in the right way. Since it also makes one of the hottest trends of the season, take a look at the following useful tips on how to pull off the red trend and appear uber-stylish and classy.

Find Your Shade of Red
Red comes in a variety of shades and as in case of red lipstick, you should also pay attention to red outfits and find the most matching hue for your skin tone. It should bring some warmth to your entire look and should be in a complete harmony with your eye color, hair, as well as skin tone. Experiment with various shades of red, until you find your best matches, in which you’ll look powerful and sexy. This might be a little tricky, but once you find the perfect shade for you, stick to it.
Wear It With Confidence
Red is for fashionizers, who are self-confident and always need extra attention. If you don’t belong to this type of people, but still want to wear red, go for some chunky statement accessories in this shade, such as a handbag, a pair of sexy shoes, a hat, a scarf, a belt or some red jewelry. A skirt, top or a jacket paired with black or gray can be utterly fashionable, making it a step forward in pulling of the red trend. If you prefer red and black or red and gray combination, make sure not to exceed with the gloomy colors to avoid appearing dull and grayish.

Red Outerwear
A great option of wearing red is going for red outerwear and leaving all the rest of your outfit tame. It will especially place a focus on your outerwear and will make you instantly noticeable. The black and red combination is no wonder hard to beat, but you can also try midnight blue or gray outfits with red outerwear, if you want something new.

All In Red
Generally it’s quite hard to pull off all in one color outfits and all in red is no exception in this sense. If you really want to try this option, let it be a flowing evening gown, a streamlined pant suit or a stylish jumpsuit with a cut that will make you look taller. A breezy midi dress in red can also look fantastic. Don’t forget to match your lipstick shade with your red outfits, but also take care your lipstick shade complements your skin tone and hair color.
As you see it’s not so difficult to pull off the red trend, and if you have been excluding this color from your wardrobe so far, it’s time to go bold and trendy and, why not, hot red!

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