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How to Spot a Fake Perfume

Fake products have become a great problem worldwide, causing some confusion among costumers and playing a negative impact on the brand. One of the biggest problems is spotting a fake perfume and being sure that the fragrance you buy is an original one. Some people give preference to such cheap products, thinking they’ve greatly benefited, paying less money and getting the same perfume at a cheaper price. However, they forget about the dangerous negative effect a fake perfume can have on the skin, harming one’s health.

With the modern techniques more developed nowadays, it’s much easier to perfectly reproduce the original perfume. Therefore, at first sight it may seem to you there is no difference at all, but you’ll notice the difference only when using your perfume, as you’ll discover that it doesn’t smell right and the scent doesn’t last long. However, there are certain tricks and tips on spotting a fake perfume and avoiding buying it. Take a look at these useful tips on how to spot a fake perfume and be the winner.
First of all, stay away from people selling perfume in the streets and try to buy your fragrance from a department store and in specialized stores. Carefully check the cellophane wrap and the box of the perfume you buy, paying attention to the cellophane’s clarity and thickness, and making sure the glue is applied adequately. The cellophane should be even and unwrinkled, tightly wrapped around the box. The box, in its turn, should be thick, made from a high quality material, in an uniform color, with even edges.

Pay attention to the origin country and the label and check if it’s spelled in the right way. Watch for printing errors, logos and spots. The barcodes of the perfume box should be the same as the one on the bottle and should be at the bottom of the perfume box.
The label should be spelled correctly on the bottle as well. Besides, each brand has its unique design of bottles and it’s very difficult to copy this. Watch for the bottle’s design, thickness, shape, color and the clarity of the print on it. The cap of the original perfume bottle should be even and should correspond to the bottle with its size and color. It should be made from high quality material and not plastic. Also pay attention to the sprayer and the tube.
When it comes to the perfume, it’ll be easy for you to check if it’s original or fake, once you know how the original one smells. Most of the fake perfumes have a pungent scent and they feel oily on the skin. You can test it on the window and check out its liquidity. Also watch for the color of the liquid, its transparency and the spots inside. Original fragrance should be clear.
Original fragrances consist of three layers – top notes, middle notes and base notes. Fake ones lack one layer of notes, because of which the smell quickly fades away.
Besides fake perfumes cause some skin reactions after using it such as itching, rashes, skin irritations. They can also be harmful for your health, as the ingredients contained are of low quality too.
Fake perfumes are usually sold online, at flea markets and street stands. All popular brand perfumes are being counterfeited without exception, so be careful and learn how to identify the fake ones.

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