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How to Look Great Without Makeup

With such a great diversity of high quality makeup products, nowadays it’s very difficult to resist your temptation of experimenting with different products to every time create a new, fresh look. Although makeup gives you lots of confidence and guarantees your perfect look, sometimes it’s advisable to give a short break to your skin and go out without any makeup. Though it may seem to you that a no makeup look is a great time saver, still you have to keep a few things in mind and try to carry them out in your daily routine to have a naturally gorgeous look.

One of the most important things is to take a great care of your skin, as flawless and spotless skin really looks amazing even without makeup. Toning, exfoliating, moisturizing, cleansing and sunscreen are must-to-do things despite the fact you wear a makeup or not. You should also pay attention to some additional rituals, which will help you look great regardless of your age. Steam facials are very useful for young skin, and retinol cream will help you fight against skin aging. You can also turn to homemade facials to get a radiant skin naturally.
Although a proper skin care is very important, you have also to worry about your facial features, emphasizing them, if you want to look great. If you want to emphasize your eyes, you can just curl your lashes with a special eyelashes curling tool, which will focus on your eyes, without wearing any mascara. Pay attention to the shape of your eyebrows as well, plucking and waxing them properly to ensure the best results.

Some women have to struggle against dark under eye circles, using special creams to conceal them. To get rid of this problem and to look great without a concealer cream, you can turn to several easy homemade remedies, such as tea bags or cucumber slices. It’s also proved that low temperature is one of the secrets to get rid of dark under eye circles. So cold water or ice cubes can be the right solution to this problem.
Don’t forget about your hairstyle. Try to find the best, flattering hairstyle, which flaunts your best facial features and suits you a lot.

A stylish, sensible clothing style can tell a lot about you, guaranteeing your mesmerizing look, even wearing no makeup. Pay a special attention to the hues of the clothing you choose, matching them perfectly with your skin tone. Finally, accessories can do miracles with your overall appearance.
Last but not least, don’t forget about your lifestyle, following a healthy diet and doing lots of physical exercises to keep in shape. And don’t forget to drink lots of water, which will keep your skin radiant and clear.

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