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How to Choose Shining Clothing

Every year we can see lots of shiny clothing pieces in many famous fashion designers’ collections. Despite the fact they are trendy or not, they always deserve a special attention, as after all many women opt for this type of outfits for special occasions. However, choosing an elegant evening dress of a shining fabric is not enough to get a trendy and amazing look. Sparkling clothing pieces are very capricious and if you don’t follow certain fashion rules, you’ll fail in having a gorgeous appearance, but will rather look quite vulgar and trashy. So learn these easy fashion tips and tricks and always radiate with your mesmerizing appearance.

Shiny item as an advantage
Shiny and sparkling items always attract a great attention, no matter it’s a tiny piece of jewelry or an entire outfit. This gives you a lot of advantages, as you can easily accentuate your best assets with the help of a shiny item, distracting attention from the body parts you want to conceal. For example, if your waist is quite thin, go for a shiny belt. If you want to focus on your fabulous long legs, choose a pair of sparkling pants. And if you want to conceal your heavy thighs, a shiny top or scarf will be the best option.
Shiny clothing is not for plump girls
It’s not news that shiny clothing makes women look a little bit bigger, so if you are plump, you’d better avoid this trend. Just keep in mind that shiny pieces look amazing on slim girls.
Don’t overdo
Always avoid overdoing with your shiny clothing and accessories, as too sparkling appearance will make people’s eyes ache. The fashion rule is as follows: the shinier the item, the less you should emphasize it.

Combination rules to follow
If you choose one shiny item, it’s advised to keep the rest of your outfits plain, mainly of neutral colors. Just remember that shiny with shiny looks quite trashy and tasteless. If you opt for shiny clothing, try not to use any accessories, thus keeping your look simple and elegant. You should also pay attention to your hairstyle and makeup, and try to keep it as simple as possible.
Shiny dress for a special occasion
A shiny elegant evening dress is always amazing, even if it’s too sparkling. However try not to get all the attention on you with your shiny dress as it’ll feel quite uncomfortable.
Whatever shiny outfit or accessory you choose, always follow the golden fashion rule to keep things as simple as possible, as this will keep you really on top. If you opt for a shiny piece of clothing, you should try to choose as simple designs as possible, as the sparkling fabric already appears to be too attention grabbing.

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