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How to Choose a Flattering Hat

Hats are stylish accessories, capable of creating a unique image. They have a certain power of transforming, uplifting and, even, completing an outfit. A perfectly chosen hat can add some interest and mood to your outfits, like a beautiful painting on a plain white wall. You don’t have to be at a luxurious English high tea party or at the races to wear this impressive headpiece.

Despite its practical and fashionable character, lots of women avoid wearing hats, since they really don’t know how to choose a flattering hat. As a result, when they really have to wear a hat, they are up a stump. If you are ready to get out of boxes and go bold, wearing an eye-catching and sassy hat, take a look at the following fashion tips on how to choose the right hat according to your face shape, occasion and outfits.
Take your time
The first thing is to get rid of your style fears and start experimenting. Think of a large department store, offering a wide selection of hats and try on every single style to see which one appeals to you most of all. Try different colors, shapes and designs, taking into consideration your outfits and mood.

Opt for the right color
It’s very important to consider your hat color, since it can make you look sensational and knock several years off your age, or, on the contrary, make you appear quite unflattering and, even, older than you really are. The important thing is not to match your hat color with your outfits, but rather with your complexion. For example, an apple green hat is apt to add a green tinge to your pale skin. Fuchsia tone will make your face look red. Pastel colors, like cream, lilac and dove gray, are great for young women, but look unflattering for ladies over 30.
Take into account your face shape
It’s also important to pay attention to your face shape, when choosing a hat. If your face is round, a hat with a broad brim or small, pull-on hat will be the best option for you. It’s advised to wear hats with some kind of softness or movement such as feathers, or an adorned headband for a long face. Square-faced women should choose an asymmetric hat that will balance their jawline. If you have a heart shaped face, you are lucky to try any type of hat.

Match the style of your outfit
It’s highly important to match your hat with your outfits. For example, if you are wearing a floaty summer dress, go for a soft hat with drapery or ribbons. A hat with structure and sharp, sleek lines such as a boater or trilby, will perfectly go with your suit or tailored dress.
Find a hat appropriate for the occasion
Your hat should also look right to the occasion. If you are invited to a wedding party, choose a nice fascinator or a little pill box with a veil. And if you want to differ from others with your extraordinary style you can always opt for something unique to make a real style statement on any occasion.
Choose how you will position your hat
Even though there isn’t actually any right or wrong way of wearing a hat, most people prefer to push their hat right to the back of the head. However, this doesn’t look nice on all hat styles. For this reason, you need to experiment with your hat before wearing it. Wear it, stand in front of the mirror and move it around until you find the most attractive look.
With these useful tips, you no longer have to fear of style blunders and will definitely be able to pick up a hat style that will look just terrific on you!

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