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How To Apply Eyeliner Flawlessly

Eye makeup is one of the trickiest things, if you want to basically change your eye shapes, creating your desired look. This especially refers to eyeliner, which can make even the smallest eyes look larger. To achieve your desired effect, you should first know a lot about your eye shape and the right way of applying eyeliner. How to apply eyeliner flawlessly? It’s the question lots of girls are asking, as they really don’t know the easy and correct techniques of applying eyeliner, without getting frustrated. Eyeliner can be really amazing, when applied properly. So here are a few simple steps of how to apply eyeliner flawlessly.

There are a few options, when the word goes about eyeliner: you can either choose an ordinary eyeliner pencil, a cream or gel eyeliner or a liquid liner. If you are a beginner, you’d better do it with an eyeliner pencil. In this case it’s advised to set the line with eye shadow, as penciled lines tend to melt during the day. Hold the eyeliner pencil just the same way you hold a pencil or pen, when writing with your dominant hand. Use a Q-tip with your other hand to slightly stretch your eye. Don’t do it with your hand, as it’ll cause premature wrinkles. Don’t focus on your whole eye, but the part you are going to draw on. Now start from the middle to the outer edge of your eye with small strokes, and then from the front to back. The line should be thin and unbroken just above your eyelashes and below on the bottom. You can also draw a small tail if it really looks nice on your eyes.

The next option of applying eyeliner is with an eyeliner brush, which is dipped into an eyeliner cream. The technique is the same as with the eyeliner pencil: just use small strokes to make a fluid line and start from the middle to the outer edge and from the front to back.

The last and most difficult option is the liquid eyeliner, which is advised to use only when you are already a pro. It looks smoother and doesn’t melt out during the day. In this case just keep in mind, that liquid eyeliner can be applied only on the upper lid, and never to draw the waterline and lower lash line. A smart eyeliner trick requires drawing it with small dots: you can draw a line doting the liquid eyeliner between the lashes. As a result you get not a line, but it rather looks as if your eyelashes are super thick to the root.

In all the three cases, at the end you can apply some mascara and your perfect eyeliner is done. Remember that eyes are the windows to your souls, so don’t spare a little effort to make them as beautiful, as you can.

If you still lack imagination, follow the video bellow, which is really a fantastic tutorial about applying eyeliner.

Photos © Fashionfame

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