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Hair Trends 2012

And now, onward with the hair trends 2012. A few keys to highlight on the hairstyles that are in style for the upcoming cold season. You have plenty of time to practice and try out things and see what’s what.

Embellished hair
This is the style that requires adornments from headbands, clips, bows to other accessories to make your hair more fashionable and Runway style. It’s a time saver as it doesn’t require much work, so it’s always good for a daytime look.

Braiding needs a little practice and skills, so try to get on with it- creating complex styles, messy fishtail, twin ponytails, French braids, boho braids, and many others worth trying. I know it takes time, but the result is totally worth it. It’s the hairstyle that is still on-trend and gives a very elegant and classy look- perfect for not only in daytime but for an evening look as well. It’s two in one, that can go for the whole day.

Big blowouts
If you feel like going along with your day with big, glamorous fancy hair, this is the style for you. With a touch of 60’s style lasting till now, it’s safe to say that this is still on-trend and in demand. It’s really not that difficult to accomplish- all you need to do is blow dry your hair with a rounded boar-bristle brush, add a little mousse to damp your hair and you’re instantly done left with glamorous, gorgeous hair. And to make it long lasting just spray the clipped curls (with pins or small bows, or sth else you have) with hairspray, and brush it lightly from the roots to the edge.

Wet & Dry look/Combination hair
If you like hair that looks like you’ve just gone out of the shower, this is the one for you. It’s a mix-and-match situation combined with wet and dry look. Apply gel on wet hair and let it dry naturally, if you don’t have time to wait, simply blow dry it with fingers very, very lightly before leaving the house. Be cautioned, it’s a tricky part, because in the cold winter it’s not that safe to go out with wet hair, so if you feel like trying this hairstyle do it in warm seasons. Remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

And at last, we have ponytail- this never goes out of style. It’s very easy to create, doesn’t require much time and it’s always beautiful for any occasion. You have choices to wear high or low, braid it, tomboy ponytail it, loop under, leave it flat loose or smooth it. You get very many choices and it’s a real time saver.
So here are many choices of style for hair trends for the winter season, pick your favorites and have fun.

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