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Girly Tattoo Designs

Along time body art has become very popular among men, as well as women, coming in different forms and designs. One can easily judge you by your tattoo, as tattoos mainly convey some meaning in them, revealing your personality, interests and preferences. Thanks to the new, developed techniques and high quality inks used, nowadays we can see a myriad of tattoo designs, suiting any style and demands. If you are a great fan of flirty, girly tattoo designs, which will indicate your femininity and funny, sunny personality, take a look at the trendy tattoo designs, mentioned below and draw some inspiration for a cool and eye-catching tattoo.

People always look for some flirty and original designs, as tattoos are permanent and they want them to look always trendy and unique, as time passes. There are different types of tattoos, such as symbolic, tribal or character inspired, of different sizes and colors, with small, yet effective details. Among the great line of choices and possibilities now, it’s quite difficult to make the right selection sometimes. To make things easier, just study the following tattoo designs:
Butterfly Tattoos
The butterfly tattoos seem to be everlasting, as they always look great and never get out of style. When you choose a particular tattoo, it’s better to know its meaning as well. For example, butterfly tattoos stand for rebirth, reinvention. So if you want to change something in your life and reinvent yourself, a butterfly tattoo is the best option in this sense. You can choose any part of your body for your butterfly tattoo. Make selection among the colorful ones or just black graphic ones, which also look very original and stylish.

Fairy Tattoos
Fairy tattoos are included in the list of unisex tattoos, and they always look gorgeous, highlighting the sense of a youthful personality. Fairy tattoos look always sincere and innocent, which however doesn’t mean, that you cannot get a sexier interpretation or a more Gothic style. The most popular fairy tattoos are the vividly colored ones, with their wings spread, thus featuring innocence and sexiness at the same time. Whatever design of a fairy tattoo you choose, try not to have it oversized, as they don’t look fabulous if so; don’t go for any bigger than the palm of your hand.

Hello Kitty Tattoos
Nowadays the cartoon character of Hello Kitty seems to be everywhere, becoming the favorite image of thousands of girls. We can see this cute kitty in fashion and cosmetics, nail art and, why not, tattoos. A Hello Kitty tattoo is the best choice for girls, who want to highlight their sweetness, flirty and girly character. You can either choose the entire body of the kitty or just the head, both of which look absolutely stunning. Get your Hello Kitty tattoo on your wrist, foot, back or any other part of your body, as it will really look amazing everywhere.


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