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Fragrances That Men Dislike

Fragrances aren’t only for smelling good. They also have a great impact over a couple’s relationships, make the opposite sex once again fall in love with you or, on the contrary, dislike you. Guys love to identify their girlfriend with a special and pleasant fragrance. So it’s certainly important to know what men like and what not, in order to never make any mistakes while choosing a new scent for you. Make sure to read through this brief list of the top fragrances men hate and prepare to pick the most seductive perfumes at the local beauty store.

Citrus Fruits
Are you of the opinion that refreshing citrus scents make a great impression on guys? I must tell you that you are totally wrong! According to numerous studies, men consider such scents dull and too girly. Therefore, stay away from citrus-fruity perfumes if you want to keep your guy next to you.
Yes, although roses are some of the most beautiful flowers, guys really hate the scent of a rose. Floral scents may seem very feminine and romantic, but they can never make a good impression on men. If you like floral scents, at least choose the ones, which contain such ingredients as the field, freesia or orchid scents.
No wonder, chocolate is considered to be men’s favorite sweets, but never their favorite aroma. According to numerous researches, perfumes imitating the smell of various delicious desserts are a bit too much for many guys. Try to avoid too sweet perfumes. Nevertheless, if you are a big fan of sweet scents, make sure to choose vanilla perfumes, as they are really much liked by men.

Honeydew is one of the ingredients that is used in the composition of first rate fragrances. Despite this fact, guys still can’t bear candy scents that stick to your nose for a long time. So if you want to attract more men with your super-delicious fragrance, pick scents that can be easily identified by the brain.
Too Much Amber and Sandalwood
Oriental perfumes are proved to be guys’ favorites, yet they should be utterly flirty and sensual, instead of uber-strong. Too much amber and sandalwood can make oriental perfumes really unflattering. Think fragrances that either lack these ingredients or contain very subtle notes of these herbs.

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