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Fall/Winter 2011/2012 Fetish Wear Fashion Trend

Sometimes revealing, but more often just creating an alluring and highlighting effect, sheer has a delicate and fragile character, which quite often can change into rather a bold and seductive aspect. With the latest fashion trends being so versatile, it’s no longer forbidden to wear a little bit of skin showing and feminine forms emphasizing outfits. So if you are more into minimalistic style with luxurious and bold details, you’ll certainly like the latest fetish wear trend for fall/winter 2011/2012. Boost your sex appeal and draw everyone’s attention with the new S&M/fetish inspired outfits, such as leather bondage strips, transparent chiffon, patent leather, visible thigh high socks, transparent blouses, as they can really make an impact.

This new trend is certainly not for the fainthearted, so make sure you are bold and confident enough to go edgy and become the center of attention with your extravagant outfits. With a little bit of a kink, yet not trashy, the see-through clothing pieces are for fashionziers, who feel utterly comfortable in their own skin. Putting a strong stress on your femininity and sensuality, sheer fabrics do justice just for your body.
A sexy outfit isn’t necessary to reveal all your body, but a few straps highlighting your skin are enough to make a statement and feel relaxed. Dark colors, straps, transparent fabrics, high heels and patent leather are what you need to let your inhibitions go and appear bold. Think such hues as black, dark blue or gray, but you can also try electric blue, red or nudes, as they are all seductive colors. Pay a special attention to details so that you will end-up with a seductive and sensual look.

Learn the art of pulling off the fetish trend from the most talented fashion designers and the most respectable brands of the moment, such as Louis Vuitton, Alexander McQueen, Thierry Mugler, Emanuel Ungaro and many more others.
There is also a rich line of sheer maxi dresses and skirts, which look so effortless, feminine and sophisticated. Loose and flowing, relaxed sheer pieces can crown your look with a delicate touch, at the same time making a bold fashion statement. Though such kind of clothing pieces may seem quite impractical for you, you can instantly change your viewpoint once you know the art of nailing down this trend. Actually there are no rules of wearing see-through clothing pieces.
Sheer fashion is all about showing off something. It’s not necessary to show your entire body. Just make sure what part of your body you like the most that wouldn’t be afraid to show off. Once you have decided what to hide and what to reveal, you can easily theme your sheer pieces accordingly.

Though it’s see-through, it doesn’t mean that you should show off your breast or underwear, if that’s not quite much your style. Go for a semi sheer option, for instance, or a sheer maxi with a shorter inbuilt slip or just add some underneath to it. Another way of wearing sheer maxi skirts and dresses is when you find a dress made from lots of gatherings of sheer fabric, which add a volume and thickness to it, making it possible to wear.
On the other hand, it may appear a little bit queer for you to wear sheer maxi dresses and skirts in the cold weather. Unlike in the warm season, in fall and winter, sheer is used more as an embellishment or accent than a fabric your outfits are made of. For this reason, be smart to pair it with a warm piece of outerwear, like a cropped jacket or a coat. You can also try some fur jacket or chubby, adding a more glamorous and elegant flair to your dress. Boost your elegance by opting for a lightweight skirt, matched with an oversized parka or knitwear, or go for a full, tiered version with a bohemian/gipsy feel for a ‘70s style revival.
With so many options available, you should just feel confident to trust your creativeness and style knowledge and embrace the luxurious fetish wear/sheer trend in the new season, making a lot of difference, a difference that allures and calls!


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