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Easy Ways to Make Eyelashes Longer

No one will deny that a woman’s eyes are so alluring, seductive and tell a lot about her personality. And we also should accept that those eyes look even more alluring and seductive, if she has long and thick eyelashes. Well, if nature hasn’t granted you with this gift, there are so many ways to get sexy and mysterious eyes. There are so many great makeup tips and products that enhance your eyes to perfection and give the illusion of longer lashes. However, nothing can be compared with naturally long eyelashes. So if you want to have naturally longer and thicker eyelashes read on these useful beauty tips and prepare to enchant everyone with your fabulous look.

Apply Natural Oil
Natural oil has always been used for making eyelashes grow. It’s a trick that even our grandmothers used. For the best results, apply a little castor or almond oil on your lashes before going to bed. In a month’s time, you’ll definitely see the results. You can also apply Vitamin E oil, which also boosts the growth of lashes.
Apply Natural Vaseline
Like natural oils, Vaseline also helps your lashes to grow quickly. The application technique is the same: dab some Vaseline on your lashes at night. You can either leave it on your lashes for the whole night or wash it off 15 minutes later.
Have a Good Diet
A good diet not only helps to get perfect body, but also long lashes. Use more protein in your daily diet. Go for foods that are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin B5. Also have natural biotin supplements once a week. Include foods that are rich in vitamins A and E.
Use Mascara
Mascara always leaves a super effect on your eyelashes. However, this is a temporary method. You should also use eyelash curlers to make eyelashes longer.
Use Fake Eyelashes
The easiest option of getting long and sexy eyelashes is to use fake ones. You should use some special glue on your eyelashes for applying the false ones. Keep in mind that false eyelashes aren’t designed for long-term use.
If you have been curving for long lashes so much, it’s right time to go ahead and experiment with these tricks.

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