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Choose The Best Jeans Suiting Your Body Shapes

Jeans are the most comfortable casual clothes that the majority of women are in love with. It is especially the best solution, when you are reluctant to wear elegant or formal clothing: you just put on a pair of jeans with a stylish T-shirt and that’s it.

Women always try to follow the latest fashion trends and choose the newest jeans to look stylish and fresh. However choosing trendy jeans doesn’t guarantee your stylish look. The first thing you should do is not to check what jeans are trendy for this year, but to take a glimpse at your body shape and find out what will fit you the best. If you don’t know much about your body type and exactly what jeans will be appropriate for you, read below and find it out for yourself:
• If you have a flat butt, thin legs, a small bust and your shoulders and hips are of the same width, then your body shape belongs to the Rectangular type. In this case the best solution to make your body look perfect in your ladies jeans is to choose flared ones, which will lift your butt and the far apart spread back pockets will make it look fuller.

• The next body type is the Pear shape. Women belonging to this body type have narrow shoulders, a small bust, rounded hips and a defined waist. In this case make your selection among darker jeans, which will make your thighs look thinner and gentler. Choose low rise ladies jeans and try to avoid pockets, which will define your full butt even more.

• Women belonging to Hourglass type of body have straight shoulders, a defined waist and a curvy bottom. Choose stretch denim jeans, avoiding baggy and loose ones with extra pockets. They will hug and indicate your curves, giving you a womanly body form.
• Broad shoulders, narrow long legs, an average waist and a medium size butt talk about the Inverted Triangle type of body. In this case low rise flared jeans with front and back pockets should be your best friend. They will draw the attention from your shoulders to your hips and give you a perfect and stylish look.

Full Rounded body shape is characterized by a full and short waist, full hips and thighs and slender legs. Pick up a pair of denims of dark colors, which will give you a slimmer look. Diagonal front pockets will make your belly look smaller.
• When your body belongs to the diamond type, that is you have narrow shoulders, a small bust, narrow calves and broad hips, you should choose dark relaxed boot cut jeans to draw the attention from your waist to your shoulders. You can also choose ladies jeans with large front and back pockets, which will make your legs look longer and hips – fuller.
These are the simple ways of selecting the right pair of jeans for you to look stylish and attractive.

Photos © Hollywoodgrind, Iheartthat, Jeanshook, Behance

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