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Best Eyebrows Shapes to Flatter Your Face Shape

Eyebrow shapes are quite different, as there are various face shapes. To accentuate your eyes and create a jovial look, the arches are very important. They will also help you achieve an eccentric look even without any makeup.

The brow shape has an eye opening and widening feature, balancing your face shape, as well. However, you should find the best eyebrow shape to flatter your face shape.

Best Eyebrows Shapes to Flatter Your Face Shape

Eyebrow Shape for Square Face

To hide your square-formed jaw, you should make your brows round in order not to have an angular look. Avoid making your brows in a rainbow shape.

Eyebrow Shape for Round Face

Round-formed faces should opt for angular brows in order to emphasize your brow bones, which don’t exist. The high arch will surely flatter your face form.

Eyebrow Shape for Long Face

In case of a long face, your features are in a vertical direction. Thus, you should make your brow tails extend in order to have features in a horizontal direction. You are also advised to stretch your brows longer from your eye corner. Only avoid creating droopy looking brows.

Eyebrow Shape for Heart Face

Heart-faced women should avoid creating bold looking brows, though they are the trend of the year. As your jaw is petite, you should groom your brows perfectly. Consider that your brows shouldn’t be extremely thin, you should just make them look less bushy.

Eyebrow Shape for Oval Face

If you look for an eyebrow shape to flatter your oval face, then you should go for a classic type of brow and make them look balanced. Read on these three essential rules, which are for all forms of faces.

  • Take your nose bridge as the starting point for your brows. You may use a pencil in order not to make a mistake.
  • While creating the arch, make sure it has two-thirds height. Avoid creating a centered type of arch.
  • Never trim the brows too short. The brow nail should stretch till the eye corner.

Thus, discover your best arch and eyebrow shape to flatter your face shape. Doing it, you will achieve an attractive and jovial appearance.

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