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Beauty Tips for a Perfect Tan

It’s time to get the perfect tan that you have always wanted. Summer’s here so, use these beauty tips for your tan and get ready to go out there with a new and hot look. As you know market is full of so many tanning products that can make your head spin. Here’s a list of a few ones- that in an experience are preferable and worth trying out.

He-Shi – Face + Body Tanning Gel – 150ml £17.50 / 5.07 fl. oz. $66.72
This moisturizing gel is very easy to apply; a real time saver as it dries instantly, with the right formula you’re risk-free form streaks and patchiness, so you can get your sunny glow for the day any time you want.
St Topez – Dark Self Tan Mousse – 200ml £33.00 / 6.7 fl. oz $44.00
Be careful with this one- it gives a darker glow- make sure your natural skin color is harmonized with this hue: you don’t want to look fake and non- proportional.
This tan is easy applicable with an advanced mousse formula of melanin technology- that provides a specific to you individual skin-tone. With protective ingredients you’re sure to have it last for a long time.

Rodial – Brazillian Airbrush – 200ml £35.00 / 6.8 fl. oz. $45
The Rodial Brazillian Airbrush spraying tan provides a glowing silky, sunny tan in a matter of seconds. It’s the perfect thing for you if you don’t have much time to get out in the sun, so give it a try and you will not regret it.
Fake Bake – 60 Minute Self Tan Liquid – 235ml £24.95 UK / 8 fl. oz. £24.00 US
Ok, moving along with the next one- it’s pretty great, very beautiful, but you’ll need to devote some time to it (even if you have little time to spend on your tan- make sure to try once- believe me- the result is worth it). So, here’s the Fake Bake – 60 Minute Self Tan Liquid- all you have to do is apply the liquid on your skin and wait for it to reach the result- make sure to keep it at least 60 min., if you feel like getting a much darker tan- take the time up to 3 hours. WARNING- not more than 3 hours- it’s the maximum limit, so be attentive. After your fixated time has passed, simply rinse and be done with it. With a fast drying formula the tan doesn’t clog the skin pores –you you can be conscious-free on the matter.
In conclusion, I’d like to quickly remind you of a few points for tanning, just in case. Remember:
1. The matter of shaving or waxing is very important when it comes to tanning, so remember to do it at least a day before or after tanning.
2. Make sure to moisturize, so you get an even, flawless tan- make sure to get the wrists and hands, elbows, knees, ankles and feet prior to tanning.
3. When applying the tanning lotion remember to do it gently and lightly the product will take care of the rest.
4. After self-tanning make sure not to wash for at least two hours- if you’re in complete need try sanitizers or wipes instead.
5. Leave the application not more than the specified time. Follow the instructions carefully, remember after tanning yourself, it will get darker for the next 2-3 days.
6. After getting your tan try to wear loose, dark clothes for a while- make sure to avoid tight clothes in order to avoid patchiness.
So with the right tanning products and a few simple points you can get your perfect tan for the summer.

Photos via Bloginty, Getty Images

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