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9 Clothing Pieces to Never Wear To Work

Unless you spend your days on working in an office, which is described as conservative, the concept of heavy-duty outfits has distinctly changed. You are allowed to wear jeans and shoes with open toes, while there is no need of pulling off suits. However, you shouldn’t forget about your working place and not mix it with a nightclub. You are appreciated for your talent and not for your outfits. Even in case of being in a creative atmosphere or in an office, dealing with fashion, there are several clothing pieces to never wear to work.

It’s quite normal to desire to look outstanding but you should consider that there are clothes that aren’t great for work, such as trying bold-toned separates, choosing statement accessories as well as close-fitting outfits.

Clothing Pieces to Never Wear To Work

1.  A Clothing Piece that is Extremely Short

You have probably seen a woman working in the office, wearing extremely short shorts with a visible butt.

Skirts or dresses as well as tailored shorts are allowed to pull off to work. However, you should be very attentive to the length of your hemline and choose the modest option. It doesn’t mean to cover all your body; you should just go for a hemline several inches above your knee. Put aside your miniskirts and dresses and pull them off at a cocktail party. Skip them even in winter months, when you opt for tights.     

2.  A Clothing Piece with a Plunging Neckline and an Open Back, without Straps or with Thin Straps

 Women should be reasonable and stay away from clothing pieces which reveal more skin than a pretty blouse without sleeves. It will create an image of asking for attention. Pulling off super-revealing tops will constantly keep you at the spotlight of the gossip.

Though magazines offer tiny camis in silk when going to work, you had better replace them with crewneck tanks made of silk or button-down shirts without sleeves. Avoid everything that makes you wear a plunging type of bra or one without straps.

3.  A Clothing Piece Which is Too Loud and Attractive

Even in case of being in a fashion industry, you should stay away from a clothing piece which is trendy and loud. Never wear crop tops, sequin types of skirts as well as overalls to work. Skip skinny pants in leather, high boots as well as ripped types of jeans.    

4.  A Clothing Piece Which is Too Casual

Though flip flops cutoff shorts in denim and flannel types of shirts are trendy and chic, they are too casual to wear to work. You should also skip yoga pants and sweatpants when being at work and keep them for your great weekend.  

5.  A Clothing Piece that is Appropriate for Halloween

Stockings with a fishnet design look adorable at Halloween but they are not recommended at work. Exciting hats, leg warmers or boas with feathers should also be skipped.  

6.  A Beauty Look Acceptable in the Fashion Industry

It’s well-known to everyone that conservative workplaces have limitations on the shades of nail polishes. Even in case your workplace has no strict rules, trendy hair colors such as blue, if you aren’t born with blue tresses, orange nail polish, bold green makeup on your eyes as well as neon lip color shouldn’t be worn to work.  

7.  Anything Giving Information about the Hygiene or Making People Feel Your Smell from a Far

There is no need to show your co-workers that you have just had a shower, thus you should make your hair completely dry before entering the office. Though wet hair is trendy in the street, people, working in the office, may accept it in the wrong way. It may seem careless and extremely personal.

Never apply too much perfume in order not to have an unpleasant smell. Your co-workers may not like the odor of your perfume, as the tastes are quite different.    

8.  Skip Revealing Your Underwear

One of the inappropriate things you should never do is to make your underwear visible. It should never be seen because of wearing low or skinny pants.  

9.  A Clothing Piece You Pull off at a Wedding and a Nightclub

If you like your strapless gown with animal prints, try it on your holidays or when going to a wedding party. Pull off your long gown with a tricky hat when going to the beach and never wear them to work.

Outfits speak much about your total look and personality. They also make others get an idea of your professionalism. You will get a serious look, wearing a nice blouse with skinny pants instead of opting for cutoff shorts in denim together with flip flops or pulling off a short dress with stilettos. Thus, they are all among the clothing pieces to never wear to work.

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