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10 Facts You Need To Know About The Fashion Week

Real fashionistas know the essence of a fashion week in the fashion world. Fashion week is a big deal as it’s one of the most expected events for all fashion lovers and generally everyone. Well guess what! New York Fashion Week is a whole another story as it’s full of secrets. There are so many things about it that you don’t know. As you know NYFW is a well-organized weeklong event. However there are some “behind the scenes” that no one talks about. Well, we are super excited to reveal 10 facts and secrets about the fashion week you need to know! So read on!

Facts You Need To Know About The Fashion Week

Location is The Key

Well truly said, was the key. In past years there was a specific location for fashion week. As a rule most of the designers would hold their shows at Lincoln Center. However this year the majority of them decided to host their shows off-base. The reason? Loncoln Center is under construction.

There Are No Tickets Available for the NYFW

To actually sit at Fashion Week, you have to be invited by the designers. So being a successful fashion blogger isn’t enough to get access to the big show.

There is a Seating Chart

Each fashion designer has a seating chart to their show. That is why usually we see the same people on the front seats and other somewhere in the back. Luckily our beloved designers want to see the front rows filled. So if some of the so-expected guests miss the show some lucky fashionistas get to seat in the front row.

Celebrities Get Paid to Be Present at the Show

Well they don’t actually get paid but their travel costs including lodging, car services, and meals are paid by the designers. The price is determined by how famous is the celebrity invited at the show.

It’s When Everyone Gets Well-Dressed

As we’ve already mentioned fashion weeks are one of the biggest events in the fashion world. So it is when everyone, celeb or not gets well-dressed and waits to be photographed. It’s as exciting as a big festival, isn’t it?

The Outfits of the Celebrities Are Picked for Them

Yes, it is true! All those cute, flawless looks or sometimes failed looks shouldn’t be addressed to the celebrities as they’re not the ones that choose what to wear at the show.

Port-a-Potties Are Acceptable Now

Since Lincoln Center is under construction, port-a-potties not only are acceptable but necessary.  News reporter Alicia Quarle confirmed that information adding that models, beauty editors, and security guards were forced to use port-a-potties at the show.

Yes, Beauty Hurts

Quarles had the opportunity to walk in the Go Red For Women Heart Truth Red Dress Fashion Show wearing a Zac Posen fashion piece. Although she loved the idea of showing off a Zac Posen dress she admitted that she couldn’t walk away unscratched.

A Fashion Show Costs about $460,000

According to our reliable sources a typical fashion show costs about $460,000. Of course that includes expenses such as recruiting, publicists, hair and makeup, venues, etc.

The Story of Gift Bags Being Awesome Isn’t a Myth

It is common among designers to leave little gift bags on the front row seats at their show for their guests. These bags can include anything from water and crackers to a new curling iron or accessories from the fashion label.

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