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10 Common Bra Types You Need to Own

The perfect wardrobe can’t be deprived of underwear and bras are the most obligatory items. This soft and delicate underwear appears in various types, which are worn each day. Choosing the wrong bra size, you won’t get support and won’t feel comfort. Bras may also oppose to the type of your breast. To get rid of that common problem, we have asked experts to share their knowledge about common bra types you need to own. Have a look at the drawers and find out whether you have all the necessary types of bras, such as T-shirt, contour and many others.

Common Bra Types You Need to Own

1.  T-Shirt Bra Type

It’s fitting to start wearing a T-shirt bra. It’s not only the most wearable type but it’s also very comfortable thanks to its unique design in a minimalist style. The T-shirt bra type may be described as a bra without seams and with a soft fabric underneath a close-fitting shirt. This type of bra sits perfectly on the breast. They may be made of cotton, lycra as well as nylon or silk. Lace has no place here.

Compared with other bra types, which are more attractive, the T-shirt one aims to provide invisibility. It may be pulled off each day and may suit any shape of breast. Experts recommend owning a T-shirt bra in a nude tone. However, you need other options in your closet, as well.

2.  Balconette Bra Type

Balconette bras are the most attractive types for everyday wearing. They lift your breast, giving rise to cleavage, as well. Due to the wide straps, the neckline becomes more open, which is a tempting choice in case of pulling off a top with a lower cut.

Having an underwire with a U shape and cups with a straight cut creates an illusion of putting the décolletage over the balcony. The open décolletage emphasizes your collarbone and the great form is created by the unique style of the bra.

The good side of the Balconette bras is that they flatter any type of breast, mostly for women whose separation of breast is wide. Besides a perfect support, this bra provides a retro touch.

3.  Bralette Bra Type

Bralettes have no wires and may be described bras with a wider shape compared with a bandeau and with a more attractiveness compared with a sports bra. Some bralettes may change the size of your chest although they look great with cups in a small size and with chests greater in size, as there is no necessity of support. You may try them on your lazy days when lounging or running, as there is no underwire to bother you.

4.  Plunge Bra Type

The plunge bra is among the common types you need to own. This bra type is unique due to its V décolletage shape, which becomes slimmer when lowering to give you a chance to wear them under your dress or tops with low-cuts. Thanks to the cups in an angled form and the gore with a narrow center, they create an image of augmented cleavage. You should also be aware that plunges and push-ups are quite different, as the former is not padded.

The cups have underwire and are created to be invisible underneath the tops or dresses, having necklines. Thus, wearing the plunge bra type on a great night is a fabulous idea.

5.  Longline Bra Type

Being fashionable in 2014, longline bra types keep their strong impact in 2015, as well. Compared with traditional bras, it resembles a crop top and the longline stretches to the torso to give a retro vibe. If the fabric allows, you may wear it by its own.

There exist various types of longline bras, such as strapless and smooth cup or underwire.  Considering its design, you may pull it off underneath the blazer for a bold look. You may also keep it for the bedtime and you won’t be upset.

6.  Push-Up Bra

It’s well known that it’s rather difficult to achieve an ideal cleavage. However, women have found a solution by wearing a push-up bra. There are various technologies here: you may find silicon and fabric push-up bras, as well as water ones.

These underwire bra types have extra padding stored in the cups to achieve a pushed-up effect. The cleavage will be moderate and there will be an extra size for the cup, according to the brand as well as the style.

7.  Contour Bra Type

We generally confuse contour and push-up bra types. Compared with the push-up bra, the contour one is described with shaped cups which have no padding. These cups act like padding (they may be thin or thick) but have no intention of giving an image of augmented cleavage. The cups are perfectly shaped, which perfectly sit on the body and boost the natural breast shape.

Contour bra type works with all sizes of breasts. It is especially great in case your breast is uneven. Thus, it is considered one of the common bra types you need to own.

8.  Bandeau Bra Type

Women, having small busts need to experiment with a bandeau bra type. It’s quite tricky to pull off the bandeau bra type. They have a tubular form and are strapless, looking fabulous with an off-shoulder top or tank, the necklines of which are narrow and the armholes are low. Being made of various materials, bandeau bras may be tried on lazy days and for a great night.

9.  Sports Bra Type

No matter whether you are indulged in workouts or not, you need to own another common bra type, which is known as sports bra. They are not only used as an athletic item but as everyday underwear as well. Due to the racerback and the V-formed straps the support is increased, while the bounce is diminished when performing a physical activity. Just be cautious when choosing a sports bra and consider the support level. Lighter ones are recommendable when going for a walk or doing yoga. While maximum support is great for running and carrying out a heavy workout.

10.  Strapless Bra Type

It is essential to own at least one strapless bra type in your closet. Opt for one, which has a wide back as well as adhering elastic to make the bra stay in place. Many options are designed with underwire as well as padding to enhance support, as these bras are free of straps. Purchase nude as well as black options to wear under each cloth.

Thus, the perfect look of your outfit depends on the underwear you pull off. You need to own several types of bras in your closet and match them with your clothes.

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