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How to Wear High Heels

High heels are a symbol of elegance and femininity. Your confidence and self-estimation will be increased. However, you should know about the bad effects that may cause to your body, if you don’t wear high heels in the right way. Stay away from backaches and foot aches, by learning how to wear high heels.

How to Wear High Heels

Opt for Fitting High Heels

 If you opt for shoes, which don’t fit your feet completely, you are more likely to make a great mistake. You should also go for fitting high heels, if you don’t want your foot to slide.

Opt for the Right Type of Slope

Going for the right type of slope is one of the best ways to wear high heels. Choose the gradual type of slope in order o feel cozy. Though the straight drops are pretty, they will make your feet get tired very quickly.

Test Your Heels

If you have purchased a new pair of high heels, and intend going to a party or a meeting, you had better test them beforehand. It is one of the important tips to wear high heels.

Opt for Padding

It’s essential to customize your high heel, going for padding on the affected parts. Silicone pads may greatly help you and if you are not for full inserting, apply pads only for your feet ball. Consider the external sole, as well. Go for sandpaper, putting it on the bottom part of your soles to prevent slipping.

Never Stand Too Long

If you sit a bit after being on foot for a long time, you will have less pain. Give your toes a chance to relax a little and they won’t be tensed.

Opt for the Right Types of High Heels

Before buying shoes, take into account your feet type, as it is one of the essential tips to wear high heels. In case you have a problem of corns, you had better go for shoes with open toes, in order to diminish the pressure. Wear boots or try ankle booties, in case you have already had acne on your back, as well as on your foot.

Walk with a Straight Back

Walking with a straight back is another efficient way to wear high heels. You may face a great pain, if you don’t pull off your high heels properly. Make straight not only your back but also your legs. Thus, you will achieve an elegant look.

Opt for Yoga

Yoga is great for wearing high heels. You should extend your limbs to feel cozy while wearing high heels. Yoga is fabulous not only for muscle toning but for the entire body, as well.

Opt for Thick Type of Heels

Relax your feet by wearing heels, which are a bit thicker. Pulling off this type of heels, you will be able to create a balance, and diminish the discomfort, experimenting with the high heels.

Take Care of your Feet after Removing Them

When you take off your shoes, you should take care of your feet in order to prevent any damage. Extend your toes and soak your feet in water. Replace the warm water with the cold one for better results.

Feel cozy after considering the best ways on how to wear high heels. Besides, stay away from numerous problems, caused by high heels.

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