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Top 25 Beautiful Orchid Flowers

Top 25 Beautiful Orchid Flowers

These bright and beautiful varieties of orchid can brighten your mood and your garden.

Beautiful orchid flowers are one of the most-loved blooms that represent luxury and strength. These delicate flowers have around 880 genres and 250,000 different species. Appearance wise, they look quite unlike regular flowers because of their geometrically shaped petals, which make them highly desirable and exotic. Orchids are considered to be the 14th anniversary flowers. Pink orchids convey affection, white orchids signify purity, red orchids represent love and understanding and yellow orchids represent fertility. They add an elegance and beauty to the flower arrangements and decoration.

Top 25 Beautiful Orchid Flowers

1. Brassavola Orchids:

Arne and Bent Larsen or A./B. Larsen [CC-BY-SA-2.5-dk], via Wikimedia Commons

Brassavola orchids are native to lowlands of Central and South America. They are greenish white flowers and emit an irresistible citrusy smell. The unique thing about this orchid is that it emits its fragrance only at night to attract the right moth. This flower is nicknamed as the Lady of the night. They have greenish sepals and petals and have white and yellow blooms. The flowers are star shaped and measure 1 to 4 inches in size. The flowers last for almost 30 days. It blooms on and off during the year and more so in winter.

2. Catasetum:

Catasetum is one among beautiful orchid flowers

Arne and Bent Larsen or A./B. Larsen [CC-BY-SA-2.5-dk], via Wikimedia Commons

Catasetum orchids are one of the most unique and unusual of orchids. The male flowers of Catasetum are showy flowers with large blooms and are produced in low light while female ones are smaller in size. They have big, thick pseudo bulbs with an attractive fan of thin leaves.

3. Cattleya:

Cattleya is one among beautiful orchid flowers

By Dalton Holland Baptista (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

Cattleya orchid was discovered in 1824 and is one of the most popular orchid flowers today. They have around 48 species and are mainly found in West Indies and Mexico. One stem of this orchid bears around 2 to 8 flowers of many color combinations. The flower blooms best in bright light conditions. It is used as a wonderful indoor plant as well as a cut flower. It blooms in colors like red, pink, white, yellow and orange. The flower blooms twice a year and lasts for week and can re-bloom quickly if they get enough light.

4. Cycnoches:

Cycoches is one among beautiful orchid flowers

This orchid flower is a member of Catasetum tribe and has a delightful fragrance. They bloom in yellow, red and green colors. These flowers will be a wonderful addition to your gardens. They bloom in early fall and have amazing fan shaped petals.

Via Pinterest

5. Dendrobium:

Dendrobium is one among beautiful orchid flowers

Dendrobiums are one of the largest genuses of orchids, having around 1200 species. They comprise the largest and most diverse “catch-all” orchid genus. They are quite a diverse genus and can grow in any environmental condition. They grow in bright light, mostly in summers and take a relatively long time to grow in winter. It grows best in medium to bright light. Some also bloom at other times of the year as well. This beautiful flower blooms in every color combination – pendant like stems of fragrant flowers. Since it is a long lasting bloom the flower is usually used by florists to make bouquets. It comes in a diverse range of colors like white to pink and even green and purple.

Via Pinterest

6. Epidendrum Orchids:

Epidendrum Orchid is one among beautiful orchid flowers

Arne and Bent Larsen or A./B. Larsen [CC-BY-SA-2.5-dk], via Wikimedia Commons

Epidendrum orchids are one of the oldest orchids with around 1000 species in the world. It mainly grows in subtropical and tropical regions of the United States and in Argentina. They are quite easy to grow and have cane like pseudo bulbs which grows delicate fragrant blooms. The majority of this genus has epiphytes and some are lithophytes. The flower ranges from a quarter of an inch to six inches in diameter. Some plants grow pseudo bubbles while other possesses cane like stems.

7. Maxillaria:

Maxillaria is one among beautiful orchid flowers

By Jean-Pol GRANDMONT (Own work) [GFDL or CC-BY-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Maxillaria is a large genus with over 400 species of orchids. They are native to North America and get their name from the Latin word maxilla, which means jawbone. This is because most of flowers of this species have jaw line like appearance. The lip of this plant has an arched tongue like appearance and 3 lobes which results in a jaw bone like appearance. The flowers have a unique ability to grow rapidly. The plant produces numerous flowers, especially small flowers and bright green leaves. Most of these orchids of this species are highly fragrant.

8. Vanilla:

Vanilla Orchid is one among beautiful orchid flowers

By H. Zell (Own work) [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Vanilla orchid is the orchid which produces vanilla. They are an unusual type of orchid as they grow like a vine.

9. Miltoniopsis:

Miltoniopsis is one among beautiful orchid flowers

By Victoria from London, UK (Flickr) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

It is one of the best looking orchid flowers and has a very pleasant smell. Miltoniopsis orchids look very dainty with their light green grassy leaves and beautiful, showy blooms. It is a wonderful spring to summer blooming orchid. They are also known as pansy orchids. The plant produces long, thin leaves and the flower varies in color and sizes. They will make good house plants.

10. Cymbidium:

Cymbidium is one among beautiful orchid flowers

This is a large, unruly orchid which delights us with tall spikes loaded with flowers. The orchid has around 44 species and is found abundantly in Himalayas. The plant grows almost 3 feet tall and the flower has smaller pseudo bulbs that are topped with long thin leaves that drape to form an attractive foliage plant. The flower spike grows from the bottom of the bulb and has many flowers along its length. It usually grows between November and April in early springs and winters. It grows best in temperatures ranging from 50 to 70F. Since it is an easy to care plant, it is found abundantly in indoor gardens.

Via Pinterest

11. Miltassia:

Miltassia is one among beautiful orchid flowers

Miltassia is an intergeneric orchid – Miltonia crossed with Brassia. Both these flowers produce a highly scented, multi colored flower known as Miltassia.

Via Pinterest

12. Vanda:

Vanda is one among beautiful orchid flowers

The Vandas are the delightful and unique orchids and are often grown in baskets with their roots hanging down in mid air. The orchid requires bright light and high humidity and blooms few times a year. It has around 50 species and is majorly found in Asia, Australia and Sub tropic regions. The plant produces strap like green leaves and they appear from the axil of the mature leaves. The color and size of this orchid depends on its species.

Via Pinterest

13. Spathoglottis:

Spathoglottis is one among beautiful orchid flowers

By Quinn Dombrowski from Chicago, USA (Two-headed orchidUploaded by Orchi) [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Spathoglottis are terrestrial orchids with purple showy flower. The flower is mainly grown in garden areas because of its size. It grows well in very low temperatures too.

14. Phalaenopsis:

Phalaenopsis is one among beautiful orchid flowers

Phalaenopsis is a moth orchid and is the most commonly available orchid. It is found all over the world but is found abundantly in Java and South Seas, Queensland Australia and Philippines. This one is very easy to grow and is the perfect choice for beginners who want to grow orchids. They have large, showy flowers and come in a variety of colors. The flowers can be white, single colored, striped and spotted. Most of the species have several flowers per stem while some have one or two per stem. They have round fleshy leaves and new leaves grow from the centre of the plant. It is very popular for its long lasting ability and big, colorful blooms. They grow relatively quickly and can flower twice a year.

Via Pinterest

15. Monkey Face Orchid:

Monkey Face Orchid is one among beautiful orchid flowers

As the name suggests, this orchid resembles a monkey’s face. It belongs to the genus Dracula simian and grows in the forest region of South Eastern Ecuador and Peru Mountain. It scientific name simian refers to the monkey face wile Dracula refers to the 2 long spurs that hang down. The flower has a citrusy smell and smells like a ripe orange when it blooms fully.

Via Pinterest

16. Bee Orchid:

Bee Orchid is one among beautiful orchid flowers

Ian Capper [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

This orchid resembles a female bee visiting a pink flower to attract the attention of male bees to mate with the flower. When pollination occurs, the bee is covered with pollen which it spread around as it flies, pollinating other flowers on the go. Its scientific name is Ophrys apifera and is found mainly in England, Ireland, and Wales.

17. Bird’s Head Orchid:

bird’s head orchid

This one is a gorgeous pink orchid flower belonging to the Phalaenopsis genus. The flower looks unique for the sole reason that it looks like a little bird’s head guarding the nectar of the flower.

Via Pinterest

18. White Egret Orchid:

White Egret Orchid is one among beautiful orchid flowers

This unusual orchids flower is called the White Egret Orchid, it scientific name being Habenaria radiate. The flower has an uncanny resemblance to the white garnet, spreading its fluffy white wings and is ready to take off. This white orchid produces 3 replacement bulbs and can be easily multiplied if handled properly. It is markedly different from white fringed orchid. It is found mainly in Korea, Russia, China and Japan.

Via Pinterest

19. Lady Slipper Orchids:

Lady Slipper Orchid is one among beautiful orchid flowers

By Barnes Dr Thomas G, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Lady slipper orchids have a very strange appearance. They have a slipper, pouch shaped labellum in which the pollinating insects get stuck. This big bloom is composed of a hollow pouch, backed by a sepal and 2 petals and bear variegated foliage which makes them look strikingly beautiful. They are mostly terrestrial. Lithophytic slipper orchids include four genres Paphiopedilum, Phragmipedium, Cypripedium and Selenipedium. This orchid grows in all kind of lights, including low, medium and bright. The flower grows best in 50 to 70 degrees. The multi floral varieties produce several flowers in a single stem.

 20. Dove Orchid:

Dove Orchid is one among beautiful orchid flowers

By Scott Zona from Miami, Florida, USA (Peristeria elataUploaded by Orchi) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

This orchid also resembles a living creature hidden inside it. The flower looks like the bird dove. Its scientific name is Peristeria elata.

21. Flying Duck Orchid:

Flying Duck Orchid is one among beautiful orchid flowers

Flying ducks scientific name is Caleana major. It is quite a small orchid, measuring around 50 cm. This plant grows in Eastern and Southern Australia. The flower resembles a duck in flight. This orchid flowers blooms mainly from fall to mid winter. The flower is pollinated via male saw flies. The orchid quickly shuts trapping the sawfly as soon as the insects touch the orchid’s labellum.

Via Pinterest

22. Anguloa:

Anguloa is one among beautiful orchid flowers

Anguloa is a beautiful orchid which is commonly called Tulip Orchid because of its resemblance to tulips. The flower grows in intermediate to bright light and in cool temperature to intermediate temperature with high humidity. 2 to 4 leaves are grown from the base of each pseudo bulb and are around 1 cm long. The leaves are deciduous and shed at the start of each new growth. The flowers have a waxy appearance and bloom in colors like yellow, white, green and red. They have 6 inflorescences per pseudo bulbs and can grow up to 12. The sepals have a bulbous shape and are curved inward which gives a resemblance to tulip and have long, thin leaves. It has a very strong cinnamon like smell. These are mainly found in South American rainforest region.

Via Pinterest

23. Oncidium:

Oncidium is one among beautiful orchid flowers

Oncidium is also referred to as The Dancing Lady orchid and offers loads of small flowers in clusters of 50 or even more. It comes in colors like yellow, tricolor and red. It smells just like chocolates which makes them all the more irresistible. The flower needs abundant lightening and regular watering to grow. It is very sensitive and prone to rotting because of its large pseudo bulbs and profuse roots. Thus it is very important to keep the plant well hydrated. It thrives on a few hours of direct sunlight every day. This plant can tolerate temperatures as high as 100 degrees if tree has sufficient air movement. They are wonderfully fragrant and can add a delightful note to your indoor garden.

Via Pinterest

24. Sarcochilus:

Sarcochilus is one among beautiful orchid flowers

Arne and Bent Larsen or A./B. Larsen [CC-BY-SA-2.5-dk], via Wikimedia Commons

Sarcochilus is a miniature orchid native to Australia. They are lithophytes and thrive on moist conditions without drying out. These are very little in size, grow in clumps and bloom in the spring. There are around 15 species of this summer flowering orchids. These flowers are grown in Eastern Australia. It grows in shady places with plenty of air movement and quick draining sand. This is a quite easy to grow orchid and would make a delightful addition to your living rooms. Sarcs have attractive fleshy leaves and produce sort racemes with plenty of flowers. It has a very pleasant smell.

25. Odontoglossum Orchids:

Odontoglossum Orchid is one among beautiful orchid flowers

Odontoglossum orchids are one of the showier flowers of the orchid family. The name is derived from the Greek word odon which means tooth and lossa which means tongue. These orchids are fragrant and produce blossoms with ruffled sepals and petals. It blooms in colors like white, yellow, brown, red, purple and some color blends.
Via Pinterest

Orchids are a symbol of beauty, purity, strength, and luxury. Unlike regular flowers, they have geometrically shaped petals which make them look exotic and wonderful. Different color orchids represent different things. A red orchid is a symbol of love while yellow orchids are a symbol of fertility. You can go for the beautiful cattleya, white egret orchid, dove orchid, or Sarcochilus. Get some beautiful orchid flowers of your choice and give them to your loved ones. Go to your nearest florist to get your hands on some beautiful orchids.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best orchid color?

Blue is considered the best orchid color.

How long do orchid blooms last?

Orchid blooms last for 6-8 weeks.

Is the orchid a lucky flower?

Many associate orchids with luck, prosperity, and success. Hence, it is considered a lucky flower.

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