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Tips for Smooth Legs Post-Shave

Becoming a smooth operator when it comes to shaving legs is certainly essential, as a woman’s legs are to be silky like, flawless and without any single unwanted hair. Actually, it may sound to be quite easy to shave legs, as this is the most painless and easiest way of getting rid of unwanted hair. However, it’s more difficult to get smooth results post-shave, and with the days getting warmer you begin to notice that you lack shaving skills even more. Well, the fact is that shaving is really extremely easy and keeping legs smooth post-shave is easy too. So read on these useful beauty tips on how to keep legs smooth post-shave and get flawless legs this seaside season.

Moisturize Well
The most important step in getting hairless and smooth legs is to moisturize, moisturize and moisturize well. Some think it’s good putting some moisturizer beforehand, but this actually clogs the pores and doesn’t let you get smooth legs. So it’s good to use some lotion only post-shave.
Wax On, Wax Off
Although it’s a little painful and time-consuming, the best trick to smooth legs is waxing. Yes, it hurts a lot, but also delivers long-lasting results and gets rid of the roots of the hair, rather than just shaving them off at the shaft. There are lots of easy kits for using them at home, so you can either do waxing at home or go to a beauty salon. If you do it on your own, pay attention to the right directions in order not to get nasty results.
Shave Properly
It’s true that shaving legs doesn’t take much time, however be polite, and shave properly. It’s important to use some special shaving product, like a gel, a cream or a shaving lotion. Move your razor slowly upwards from the ankles to the knees and go both towards and against the grain, paying attention to the way your hair grows. Make sure not to overuse your razor and when it gets a little bit dull, throw it away.
Keep Cool
To get smooth results, keep your water cool. This doesn’t mean shaving in super-cold water, as this is bad for you too. Lukewarm water is the best, and some time later you’ll certainly notice the difference.
Use Olive Oil
After you have shaved your legs, apply a little olive oil and massage your legs before going to bed. Make sure your skin has completely absorbed it, and then wash it off in the shower. This will keep your legs smooth for a long time.
Exfoliate Your Legs
It’s important to exfoliate the skin of your legs, just like you do it with the skin of your face. This way you’ll get rid of dead skin cells and will get flawless results. Go for some salt or sugar scrub.

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