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Tips for First-Time Hair Dyeing

Hair dyeing is a great option to quickly change your style and insert some mood and liveliness into your appearance. With so many colors available in the market now, it’s really hard to find the most flattering one for you. Your look will have different radical changes according to the color you choose, and this is why the aspect of your hair highly depends on your choice and the way you’ll take care of it after dyeing. If this is the first time you’ll use hair dye, it’s important to know several things, therefore take a look at the following useful tips for first-time hair dyeing and bring out the best of your gorgeous locks.

Try to avoid a permanent hair dye for the first time, as your hair will never be the same because of not having passed through different chemical treatments. Your hair might suffer various transformations, which you’ll notice only after some time. For example, smooth hair is likely to become frizzy, especially after washing.
Another important factor is the color you choose, which can be quite a tricky business. You should keep in mind, that your hair color will not be exactly like the one on the box, as it greatly depends on your natural hair color. When buying a hair dye, go for two or three shades darker or lighter than the natural color of your hair for a better result.
Try to avoid radical changes, when dyeing your hair for the first time. A smart investment will be highlights or a semi-permanent dye. A semi-permanent dye is especially great if you want to change your look for a certain period of time, as it goes away after 12-14 washes. Besides it doesn’t damage your hair. Still, it has one disadvantage, which is the traces it leaves on towels and pillows.
Once you are sure about the hair dye color, you can go for a permanent dye. However, you should consider the fact that a permanent dye dehydrates the hair, making it fragile and requiring a certain hair care routine. Moreover, you’ll have to dye your hair every 6 weeks, as when it grows, the roots become visible.
According to specialists, it’s not advisable to use permanent hair dye on naturally wavy or curly hair, especially if it is dry because of certain chemical treatments and styling tools. In this case hair dye will cause serious damage to your tresses and your hair will look quite unflattering and lifeless.

Once going for a permanent hair dye, avoid using it on freshly washed hair, as the natural oils in the hair protect your hair and scalp from chemicals contained in the dye. Don’t forget to protect the forehead, ear and neck areas, as hair dye usually runs onto the skin. A great trick is putting some petroleum jelly around the hairline and ears. However, if you choose the semi-permanent dye, remember to apply it on clean hair.
You should also take into consideration the hair aging factor, as in time your hair gets thinner and more fragile, especially if you constantly use various chemicals, including hair dye. The more often you use them, the quicker your hair will age and you might face hair loss in this case.
The first-time hair dyeing is advised to do in the saloon and not at home. This is the best option especially for long hair and when you want a more drastic change.
Once you dye your hair, you should know how to take care of it, since now your hair needs extra protection. You should protect your hair against harmful sun rays and chlorine in order to make the color last longer. Also, try to nourish it with a good conditioner.
Before dyeing your hair, pay a great attention to the instructions on the box and always pass the allergy test. Every package has its own allergy tests, so be careful to read the instruction to prevent serious side effects, such as an anaphylactic shock. You should make the test 24-48 hours before dyeing your hair.

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