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Terrible Skin Habits to Quit Now

You try to do your best to have a glowy and faultless skin. You try to use as much water as possible, apply prime and purify your skin. However, there are several terrible skin habits, which should be quitted.

Stay Away from Clogged Pores at Your Workout

You may face a terrible skin problem, if you don’t remove your makeup while working out. Otherwise, your face will become oily and there will appear clogged pores on your nose and forehead. The pores will be open, if you sweat, and the bacteria may easily go into your skin, giving rise to acne. Thus, Dr. David Bank recommends attending the gym without any makeup.

Terrible Skin Habits to Quit Now

Get Rid of Scars

Scars are considered one of the terrible skin habits to quit now. If you have tiny scars because of shaving and scratches, go for creams high in silicone, as it will get rid of redness. Use it twice daily to achieve fabulous results. Treat big scars with vascular laser and it will give your skin its shade.

Don’t Ignore the Neck and Chest

Take care of your face without forgetting about your neck and chest. Apply products, which fight against aging, recommends Dr. Joseph Rucker.

Healthy Diet

To quit terrible skin habits, you should pay attention to your diet, as well. It has a great influence on your skin. Stay away from dairy, giving rise to inflammation. Opt for almond milk or use raw vanilla soy milk without any sugar.

Don’t Pick Your Pimples

You are strictly recommended not picking your pimples, as it will give rise to scars and unpleasant marks will appear on your face. You had better turn to specialists to quit that terrible skin habits now.

Don’t Exfoliate Too Much

Don’t apply too many exfoliating products, as your skin will be irritated. If your skin has become too sensitive, you won’t be able to apply even makeup. Santana-Blackburn advises to stay away from exfoliating for a while and calm your skin. Don’t exfoliate your skin more than once a week, opting for a homemade scrub.

Don’t Use Too Much Heat

Too much heat may break your capillaries, which is one of the terrible skin habits to quit now. Dr. Rucker recommends not overusing a blow-dryer.

 Remove Your Makeup before Sleeping

Don’t go to bed without removing your makeup, no matter how exhausted you are. If your skin is prone to acne or it is greasy, you had better remove the extra oil. In case you sleep with your makeup, it may give rise to pimples. Rinsing your face, you will get rid of the dirt, as well.

Don’t Put Your Hand under Your Chin

If you frequently put your hand under your chin, you may have wrinkles on your skin. Thus, take a right pose, if you want to quit this terrible skin habit.

Don’t Rub the Eyes

Fine lines may appear on your skin, in case you go for eye rubbing. Use an eye remover and a cotton ball to get rid of your eye makeup. You may also go for eye drops to lessen the dryness of your skin. Opt for eye creams to combat aging.

Don’t Sleep on the Face

If you have a bad habit of sleeping, and you take a pose on your face, you may have wrinkles on your skin. You had better take a back position in order not to come across terrible skin problems.

Give up Smoking and Chewing Gum

Smoking is dangerous not only for your healthy but for your skin, as well. It may give rise to wrinkles. Avoid using a straw while drinking, as it will also cause fine lines. Chewing gum is among the bad habits, which may also cause wrinkles.

Don’t Lick Your Lips

Avoid lip licking, as it is one of the terrible skin habits to quit now. It won’t soften the dryness of your lips and you will get chapped lips.

Take into account the terrible skin habits to quit now and you will have a chance to enjoy your ideal skin.

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