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Simple and Effective Beauty Tips You’ll Swear By

Getting rid of pimples with the help of toothpaste and fighting against stretch marks by applying cocoa butter may be both harmful and harmless. There are several simple and effective beauty tips that are efficient for almost all types of skins and hair. Give them a try and get all their benefits, enjoying all the useful features, as well. For better results, find a perfect substitution for your toner or get anything amazing instead of your dry shampoo.

Simple and Effective Beauty Tips You'll Swear By

1.  Substitute Toner for Witch Hazel

Even in case your products aren’t packed with natural ingredients, the substitution of toner for witch hazel is fabulous for your skin. Witch hazel is not expensive and is available in all food stores. Being deprived of any chemicals and alcohol, it has a skin purifying feature without removing the moisture.

2.  Take Care of the Outer Edges of Your Face

 You often take care of the middle part of your face and ignore the outer corners, where the aging signs can’t stay invisible. Go for another effective beauty tip and alter the application process. Start the skin care technique from your jawline and hairline.

3.  Apply Highlighter to Conceal Eye Wrinkles

Eye wrinkles may spoil your total look, mostly in case they become more visible because of product creasing. The best way of decreasing them is the application of highlighter. Go for a liquid option which is lighter in shade compared with your skin tone and carry out blending.

4.  Combat Ruddiness

Though green concealer decreases the ruddiness over the acne, you had better go for another simple and effective beauty tip and apply vasoconstrictors. Visine eye drops are great and combat ruddiness. Nasal sprays also have the same effect. They are able to get rid of inflammation, aiding you apply less concealer to cover acne.

5.  Reach for Tea Bags to Fight Inflammation

Tea bag may greatly help you diminish inflammation as well as ruddiness. Green tea is packed with antioxidants, which create wonders. After the tea bag becomes a bit cool, apply it on the affected area and a great improvement will be noticed.

6.  Apply Pepto Bismol as Facial Mask

Having much in common with salicylic acid, a great facial mask known as Pepto Bismol, is high in bismuth subsalicylate. It is one of the simple beauty tips, which will be magical for your facial skin if you just apply Pepto Bismol (two tablespoons) on it. Wait for 20 minutes and after making sure it’s completely dry, wash your face with cool water to enjoy a fresh complexion.

Simple and Effective Beauty Tips You'll Swear By

7.  Apply Hair Mask with Mayo

In case you skip applying coconut oil on your hair, you may achieve glow and volume by using mayo. After covering all your tresses with it, wear a shower cap and after waiting for 20 minutes, wash it.    

8.  Exfoliate Your Skin by Using Kiwi

Kiwi is a great exfoliant, as it’s packed with Vitamin C, while seeds may act like a gentle scrub for your skin. Peel the kiwi and after slicing, bash it up. Spread it on your face, using circular movements. Skip your eyes and lips.

9.  Replace Dry Shampoo with Powder

Instead of applying dry shampoo on your hairline, opt for translucent powder and get rid of root greasiness. Consider that you should opt for a translucent powder and spread it through your hair with the help of a big-sized brush.  

10.  Whiten Your Teeth Look Whiter by Choosing Another Lip Color

Instead of reaching for special products with teeth whitening features, than can be dangerous for your teeth enamel, experiment with one of the effective beauty tips and opt for lipstick shade that whitens your teeth. Skip lipsticks with yellow undertones and stick to blue ones.

Thus, make your skin and hair glow and enjoy their healthy look by experimenting with these simple and effective beauty tips.

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