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Makeup Secrets for Flirty and Fabulous Lashes

Coating lashes with mascara is one of the makeup tricks for defined and emphasized eyes. However, it’s not enough to purchase good mascara in order to create flirty and fabulous lashes. The great responsibility falls on the right way of its application. Thus, we have collected makeup secrets, which will give your lashes a dreamy vibe.

1.  Add Several Coats of Mascara

It’s a misconception that the quality of the lashes will suffer greatly when applied mascara in several coats. However, mascara is created for a fantastic makeup look and has softening and lash treating features. Moreover, mascara can’t weigh your lashes and cause lash loss.

Makeup Secrets for Flirty and Fabulous Lashes

To rock fabulous lashes it’s essential to consider one of the makeup secrets. Apply mascara in several coats on your upper lashes, and limit the lower ones with one coat of mascara. Concentrate on the roots when swiping your mascara for flirty lashes. It is essential to comb your lashes until they become completely dry.

2.  Fix Your Lashes with Waterproof Mascara

Makeup artists find out that waterproof mascara shouldn’t be worn every day. Due to the dense texture, it is removed with a great difficulty and isn’t recommended for people who have little patience.

Applying a coat of waterproof mascara will fix your lashes and give them a flirty and fabulous look. Waterproof mascara fixes the base shade of your mascara and you don’t have to go for any makeup correction.

3.  Keep Your Mascara Wand in a Horizontal Direction

Choosing the horizontal direction of mascara application, you will provide your lashes with volume. However, if you seek for a romantic vibe and want to create a natural makeup, you may keep your mascara wand in a vertical direction.      

4.  Apply Powder on Your Lashes

Makeup stylists provide us with another makeup secret to get flirty and fabulous lashes. When applying powder on your face, spread a little on your lashes after the first coat and then go for the second one. Consider that the powder should be applied before your mascara becomes completely dry. Opt for a makeup sponge or take a skinny brush to spread powder on your lashes. However, you should skip this makeup trick in case of contact lenses or your eyes are too sensitive.

5.  Don’t Ignore Lash Curling

Eyelash curlers may be your key to fabulous and long lashes. This makeup secret opens your eyes and makes them look wider. You may curl your lashes before or after applying mascara, getting fantastic results.

6.  Don’t Throw away Your Old Mascara

It isn’t easy to throw away your favorite mascara even if it has dried. In case you can’t afford or have no time to purchase a new one you may carry out a makeup trick. Fill the glass with hot water and immerse the mascara tube in it. You may also add contact lens solution to the tube and bring your old mascara to life.

Mascara gives you a chance to wear little makeup on your eyes and still get them emphasized. These makeup secrets will be your guarantee for achieving flirty and fabulous lashes.

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