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Lipstick Secrets from Red Carpet Makeup Artists

Celebrities don’t lose their attractive and gorgeous look both when appearing on the red carpet and after making their speech. Thus, you wonder how they achieve it and make their makeup last for a long time without a need of any correction. You are also interested in how to prevent your makeup from smudging and creasing. To help you find solutions to these questions, we have collected the best lipstick secrets from red carpet makeup artists.

Lipstick Secrets from Red Carpet Makeup Artists

1.  Take Moisture as Your Guide

Lip exfoliation is a must to replace the dead cells with the new ones. Reach for a lip balm and provide your lips with moisture, as it will treat your dry and weather-beaten lips. Applying lip scrub is among the lipstick secrets from red carpet makeup artists.    

2.  Go for a Blank Base

Foundation is designed not only for your skin but for your lips, as well. This product makes the tone of your lips smooth, which will help you rock the real color of the lipstick.     

3.  Fight against Feathering and Creasing

Reach for highlighter to fight against lipstick feathering. You may also opt for eyeliner in a flesh shade to stop the bleeding of your lipstick from happening. Apply it along the external line of your lips, as it’s one of the lipstick secrets given by red carpet makeup artists.      

4.  Perfect Layering

Layering is the key to the perfect lipstick look. Use a lip liner in a neutral tone to fill in the lips and then layer it with your favorite lipstick. Reach for the tissue and carry out blotting to get rid of the extra product. Then opt for a sheer powder and apply it on your lips. Finally, go for lipstick reapplication to get a faultless finish.

5.  Provide Your Lips with Security

One of the red carpet makeup artists shares a lipstick secret and recommends opting for a stain to be assured that the lipstick shade will stay in place for a long time. After using the stain, layer it with your chosen lipstick in the same shade. Going for this lipstick trick, you will be able to eat and drink without losing your lipstick color.

6.  Apply Spray

You should definitely know that lipsticks in dark and light shades have a tendency of longevity. Coating your lipstick with a spray is another essential secret, revealed by red makeup artists, which will make the color of the lipstick stay on the lips for a long time.      

If your goal is to be able to enjoy your perfect lipstick during the whole day, you should strictly follow all the lipstick secrets, provided by red carpet makeup artists.


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